Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coron Resorts

Coron is a municipality in Palawan Province and is composed of many islands. The main part of the town of Coron is on the southeastern half of Busuanga Island. Being a town that is composed of many islands makes it a good place for beaches and good resorts. Coron is popular for its clear seas, pristine beaches and untouched environment. I am hoping to reach Coron in the future just to see the beautiful things that it offers.

As for now, I will content myself in giving a list of three Coron Resorts.

1. KokosNuss Garden Resort

This is a Coron Resort that has a weird sounding name. But when you consider the fact that it KokosNuss Garden Resort is owned by two Germans, then you will see why the reason for the name. This Coron Resort is located on a hill about a kilometer away from the poblacion or center of Coron town. As the name implies, visitors of this Coron Resort will experience the relaxing ambiance of being in the middle of garden.

This Coron Resort have nipa huts as amenities for its visitors. This Coron resort has a garden restaurant where visitors can enjoy local, Asian and European cuisine.

2. El Rio y Mar Resort

Another Coron resort is El Rio y Mar Resort. This Coron resort is located about 30 minutes from the Busuanga Airport. The resort has an outdoor pool, billiard tables and massage areas. Visitors to this Coron can enjoy fishing and sailing. The rooms in this resort can only accommodate maximum of two persons. This Coron resort offers an airport shuttle for its visitors.

3. Club Paradise Resort Palawan

This Coron resort has 52 rooms available for its guests. Club Paradise Resort Palawan offers ballroom dancing, beach volleyball and billiard tables. This Coron resorts also has conference rooms that is suitable for out-of-town forums or seminars.

Aside from the normal amenities, this Coron resort also offers tours to Coron Island and Caluit Island. The resort is also good for diving enthusiasts because it offers diving facilities for its guests.


Information regarding KokosNuss Garden Resort obtained from Tours Palawan. Information on El Rio y Mar Resort obtained from Google Maps.

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