Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ease Back Pain with Posture Correction Cushion from ELD

One of my office problems is that I feel back pains whenever I go home from work. As the work week wore on, the pain on my back becomes more pronounced and is unbearable at some times. Having back pain affects my performance in my work because it puts additional stress to me and make me lose my focus.

I read in a health magazine that majority of office workers are experiencing back pains because of incorrect posture. The health magazine said that many office workers sit inside their offices for a long time. The break time allotted for each office workers is not enough to reduce the tension on back muscles that causes the back pain.

At first, I thought that my back pain was caused by my the chair that I am sitting upon so I requested a better chair for me. However, the new office chair did not solve my problem and the pain on my back still persists. Our office doctor told me that the back pain is not caused by my chair but by my incorrect posture. He recommended that I try sitting in correct posture to reduce back pain. However, I found it hard to sit on correct posture because I got accustomed to incorrect posture. So, I searched the net to look for a tool that will me correct my posture while sitting and ease the pain on my back. This is where I discovered ELD Posture correction cushion.

The ELD Posture correction cushion was created by ELD, which is also a maker of quality travel bags.

According to ELD, their posture correction cushion maintains good posture by putting legs together. What I like is that the ELD Posture correction cushion decreases the pressure to the back because it disperse the weight while sitting. This is the key to reduce the pain on my back. The posture correction cushion also has 45 degrees streamlined shape on the surface that keeps hip-line beautiful. The cushion also has memory foam line that is so designed to allow hips to go in naturally, so it lessens fatigue even for long time use. The horse hoof-shaped design and mesh fabric decreases discomfort because of the improved air-permeability.

I also discovered that the ELD Posture correction cushion was a well-researched product. They ensured  that the products will truly help their customers to return to correct posture. Here is an image that shows how serious ELD is with their product:
Advantages of ELD posture correction Cushion

ELD Posture correction cushion is highly recommended for office workers who sit inside their office for 8 hours everyday; students who want to maintain their focus on their studies without the worry of having back pains; truck drivers, bus drivers and those who are driving long distances; and ladies who want to maintain their good posture while sitting.

Finally, I found the solution to my back problems. I am glad that I discovered ELD Posture correction cushion. I am sure that my back pain will be gone once I started using ELD Posture correction cushion.

How about you? Are you worrying about back pains and having good sitting posture? I suggest that you buy ELD Posture correction cushion now.  You can also check on the posture correction on the ELD website now. You can also follow ELD on Facebook and Twitter. You can also watch ELD's videos on YouTube. Also check out ELD's elegant travel bags:

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