Friday, July 29, 2011

Avoid being a Budol Budol Gang Victim

I talked about an incident where somebody accused me of being a Budol Budol Gang. In that incident, I lent my cellular phone to a stranger. After a few hours, someone is sending me text messages accusing me that I stole his friend’s phone. I know that I did not do anything so I believe that person is just scaring me so that I can give in to his demands.

Scaring gullible people so as to put them under control are just one of the tricks being used by the Budol Budol Gang. The gang is more popular in using hypnotism and the power of suggestion to control the minds of its victims.

My elementary teacher was a victim of Budol Budol Gang. According to her, she met a stranger while she is doing her shopping at our town’s market. The stranger told her that he will give her money if she allowed him to go to her house. From then on she can’t recall what happened to her. Her housemaid filled in the details for her. The maid said that my teacher and a stranger entered the house. My teacher went in her room and brought her jewelries and gave it to the stranger. After the stranger left, my teacher started crying and she said “na budol budol ako.”

My boss told me of another Budol Budol Gang story. He said that his friend was tricked by Budol Budol Gang to withdraw all of his money in ATM. My boss said that my friend is in front of an ATM when a lady approached her and took his ATM receipt. Then a man told him to withdraw all his money, which he obliged without hesitation. He can’t recall what happened but he knew that the balance of his ATM account is zero and the two strangers are gone.

Stories like those of my teacher and my boss’ friend can cause Goosebumps to many of us but there should be no room for fear because it is fear and other emotions that the Budol Budol Gang use to control their victims.

So, how can you avoid being a victim of the Budol Budol Gang? Here’s how:

1. Always be Vigilant at All Times

Being vigilant is your best weapon against Budol Budol Gang. A vigilant person has an alert mind and an alert mind is not fall easily to the tricks of Budol Budol Gang. If you are withdrawing money from the ATM, always observe the people behind you. If you notice that someone is approaching or getting to close to you, look the person in the eye and told him to stay away and wait a little. If the members of Budol Budol Gang noticed that you are vigilant then will avoid you and they will look for easier prey.

2. Don’t Talk to Strangers

In a bus, an old lady started talking to me. She told many things about her life, the War, her daughters. Before I go down the bus, she told me if she could see my palm because she is good in palmistry. Fortunately, the bus stop on my destination and I left the old lady. I don’t know why but I am suspicious of the old lady. Is she just bored for the whole duration of the travel that’s why she wants someone to talk to? The lesson here is to avoid talking to strangers as much as possible. Budol Budol Gang members are good speakers and use the power of suggestion to bend their victim’s mind. My teacher became a victim because a stranger talked to her.

3. Don’t Walk Alone

As much as possible, have someone accompany you whenever you travel. Two heads are harder to hypnotize. However, if both you are not vigilant then both of you can fall prey to the Budol Budol Gang. A commenter on my old post about Budol Budol Gang said that the two of them were hypnotized in an SM Mall in Las PiƱas City. They surrendered their laptop, SLR camera and a cellular phone to the criminals.

Those are three of the tips that I can share to avoid being a victim of the Budol Budol Gang. Keep these things in mind to keep yourself safe from these criminals.


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  1. I also hearing stories about budol budol, how they hypnotizing victims, im thankful that I never came to encounter any of them.

    Good thing I don't entertain strangers and mabilis ako maglakad sa labas, so snobbish! =)

  2. Ha ha ha. Snobbish ka nga Ate EINz.

    Di bale nang snobbish basta safe. ^_^

  3. katakot nga yang mga yan...thanks sa tips :)

  4. I believe my dad was a victim of budol-budol. This is their modus: A group of people goes house to house "conducting a survey". They say they've been commissioned by the gov't or are part of a government agency. They would even say that you haven't been surveyed because you don't have any stickers on your gate. They will ask you for ages of family members and other personal info. Finally they will say that they want to check your LPG. They told my dad that our LPG and regulator is defective and that we could get in trouble with the Fire Safety Department. Everything was working fine before they came. They were the ones who tampered with our gas cylinder and regulator. They conned my dad to buy something from them worth P2000.That something was a hose which you could get for less than P500 from the hardware.

    To smoke this people out, before even answering their survey, call the government offices they have mentioned and ask if they have a survey ongoing right now at your area and ask for the names of the survey takers. Call your barangay. Legal gov't surveys would pay courtesy calls to the barangay first before going house to house. Their targets are flood-prone areas, subdivisions with no gates and senior citizens. Why do I say these? because they kept coming back to our house. They already have our info. They wouldn't even stop at our neighbor's. It's a different person everytime and a different agency.

    Incidentally, someone from DOST conducted a survey and they were accompanied by our barangay officials last May.

  5. Salmoncat

    Whoa! These scalawags are horrible. They are harassing you. I suggest that you call the police when one of them show up to teach them a lesson.

    Thank you for informing us of their latest modus. Keep safe!

  6. biktima din po ako nyan...dummy iphone....grrr...

  7. Anon

    Dapat na talagang seryosohin ng PNP ang paghuli sa mga budol-budol na 'yan.

  8. my sister was also the victim of this bodol gang. bag-o pa kaayo yaha classring last march 20 pa intawn to gisul-on niya. pag ka sabado de gloria gikan siya sa simbahan kay nagtudlo sa mga bata og sayaw para sugat nig ka kadlawon. ang babaye nga rosy cheeks , blue blouse printed with floral nagbarog daw AA BBQ diri sa pusok lapu-lapu city cebu. niduol sa yaha asking kung asa ang "savemore". so son and so forth.. nakakuyog ako younger sister sa babaye. didto in front sa pasalubong center gitagaan siya og kwarta nga gisulod sa sock para kono ihatag sa security guard didto kay naa item nga e-claim.ang gurantiya para mobalik jud daw gikuha yaha celfon og ang class ring. wala pa jud cguro nakuntento ang babaye ni ask pa jud og lain nga mga item..( atm.. passbook..) my sister nodded. wala n jud daw. niduaol intawn siya sa guard nitunol sa kwarta but ang guard niingon "dili na kwarta imoha gidala day, papel ra na".after that naghilak na lng siya kay wala nayaha classringog celfon.
    SALBAHIS JUD KAAYO MGA TAWHANA. niadto ako manghod sa police stationpara ipa blotter. ang pulis PATOLA pud sa BRGY PUSOK NASUKO hinuon ky kono wala namo disiplina-a ang bata. gipatanom daw namo sa amo manghod nga kwarta naa sa huna-huna.lami kaayo ingnon nga "hoy pulis nga walay pangutok, dili mi ingon ha, maski pobre mi pero dili mi nawong og kwarta. makaingon ana ka lnag kay dili man ikaw or imoha family ang victim.. or amigo ba kaha. pero kun pamilya nimo ang biktima dili kaha mokaratil og pangita sa mangingilad?.. ANG BALAOD SA PILIPINAS DILI FAIR. MKAINGON KO NGA ANGAY RA SIYA KUNG NAA KAY KAILA NGA PULIS KAY MOTABANG NIMO. NAAY BALAOD KUMBAGA.

  9. Very frustrating. I understand what you feel Anonymous.

    Mahirap talaga mahuli ang mga kawatan na budol-budol na iyan. Ingat na lang po kayo.

  10. sometimes it pays to be suplado and masungit. ;)

  11. You are correct Eugene. There are the right time to be masungit, especially if the person is suspicious.

  12. akala ko kalokohan lng itong budol budol gang not until today kse nabiktima mismo nanay ko.....napasakay nanay ko s kotse umuwi ng bahay at ibinigay nya lahat lahat ng ipon nya s buong buhay nya at lahat lahat ng alahas nya kapalit ng isang bag daw n puro pera...ay ang laman nman ay elementary nalaman nya ayon walang katapusang pag iyak

  13. Hello Anon. Hope your mom is OK now. Did called the police to look into this case?

    There are so many people who are complaining of the crimes committed by these scalawags. When will the police use their full force to finally end their schemes.

    Ingat na lang kayo and always say a prayer. Huwag magtiwala kung kani-kanino.

  14. The mom of my GF got victimized today. They got her jewelry, cash, cellphone, and ATMs.

    What really ticks me off that they victimized an elderly mid-70s widower who is also a cancer survivor. The ATMs that they took contained her life savings, and these also had access to her, and her late husband's pension funds.

    This is not the first time that her family has been victimized, which leads me to thinking that these con-artists have become sophisticated, and are now profiling their next victims.

  15. Anonymous

    It is sad that the mom of your GF became victims of these criminals.

    These people might come back. I suggest that you ask help from the police.

  16. Anonymous of May 1, 2012 1:38 AM

    Hay same tayo, hindi rin ako naniniwala sa mga ganito before pero I always aware wala naman mawawala eh... now naniniwala na ako, same case with your mom ganyan na ganyan nangyari si mom ko today!

    INGATS INGATS guys... priority namin now sa family don't talk to strangers!

  17. Tama ka Anonymous.

    Avoid talking to strangers para hindi madale ng Budol-Budol Gang.

  18. Sa mga nahuhuling budol budol gang members, may nakukuha bang pera sa kanila para maibalik sa mga nabiktima nila?

  19. Anonymous

    Sa tingin ko mahirapan nang bawiin yung mga ninakaw na pera at gamit mula sa Budol Budol Gang, lalo na kung yung insidente ng pagnanakaw ay matagal nang nangyari.

  20. at first i thought that this hypnorism is just some sort of katangahan, until i found myself in a situation, i was so in despair that time, someone approache dme and asked for directions he, told me he is a nurse but is about to go abroad he's just waiting for his sister to finish work, at first he was asking me to accompany him to places like moa, harrison but then i refused....after that he told me if we cud go inside this particular mall because we are just in front i was so busy surfing the net with my gadget, and everything happened so fast i only realized that i went into the mall with a criminal after he took my gadget....i still kept on having flashbacks at night...i only sat there and watched the guy get a way smoothly with my apple gadget it was so took me abou 5minutes before i regained my state of mind.....kaya i advise everyone not to go outside the house if your mind is too preoccupied and much better to have someone to accompany you all the time

  21. my mom was also a victim of budol budol only yday....she went back uome to get her 2 atms and withdrew all that she can withrew plus all her cash and jewelries....ipon yun ng matanda at pension ng tatay ko...dapat sa mga yan mahili

  22. It also happened to my 63 y/o mom a year ago, she went to update our bankbook in AFSLAI Fort Bonifacio. She parked the car outside a church and decided to ride a jeepney to the bank which is only a few blocks away bec. of limited car park slot. Before she was able to hop in a jeepney, a couple approached her and mentioned that they were my dad's colleagues from AFP. Then another man came asking for a nearby hardware shop (coincidentally, at that time we were having a house renovation). Then my mom was asked to go with these 3 people in a white van, where a lot more drama was shared to her. Until she did not realized she was heading home with 1 young girl who gave her an envelope which suppose to contain a Million pesos in exchange to the jewelries of my mom. And all the money in our bankbook had been withdrawn. Some from our hard-earned savings abroad and some from my mom's pension. The scary part is that the budul-budol gang knew where we are living and had seen all our home appliances, not to mention we recently lost our houseguard pitbull.


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