Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Avast Anti-Virus Software

The laptop that I have been using right now suffered a grave infection of computer virus. The condition of my laptop gave me no choice but to reformat the hard drive and re-install the operating system. Reformatting my laptop is a hassle because I also had to to re-install other software that I am using for my work. Also, some of the files in my laptop can't be recovered and were deleted together with the virus.

The reason why my laptop contracted deadly computer virus is that it doesn't have any anti-virus software. Having an anti-virus software is vital because it protects the laptop and computer from the attacks of virus, Trojan horse, malwares and other malicious programs. However, I can't afford the expensive anti-virus software so I had to make-do with the free versions of anti-virus software. I both use Avira Anti-Virus and AVG on my office computer. They work in tandem in my office computer so that if a virus can't be detected by Avira then it can be detected by AVG, and vice versa.

I downloaded Avira and AVG from the Internet for my laptop. Unfortunately, errors keep on cropping up whenever I install both anti-virus software. My operating system (OS) is Windows XP, which is the same OS as in my office computer. I can't find the reason why Avira and AVG keep on having installation errors. I also tried Panda Cloud Anti-Virus but it also have installation errors.

I discovered Avast while I search the Internet for solutions on the installation errors. A comment in a forum said that Avast is better than Avira because it doesn't have installation issues. The comment is correct and now my laptop is enjoying the benefits of Avast Anti-Virus.
Avast Interface

The interface of Avast Anti-Virus is almost similar to Avira when it comes to being user friendly. Features that are not present on Avira is the AutoSandbox feature. This feature of Avast forces suspicious files and programs to run inside the anti-virus software, thus protecting the OS and files from malicious files and programs. I encountered the AutoSandbox when I used the TDK Flash Lock software.

Just like AVG, Avast also rates and scan websites that I visited while surfing the Internet. It automatically blocks suspicious websites and pages. I encountered this feature when I visited a page on Mang Inasal's website. I don't know if I will get annoyed by this feature of Avast in the future, but for now I am thankful that this feature protects my laptop from suspicious websites.
Avast blocked a malicious website
Malicious URL blocked by Avast.

What I like the most with Avast is that it automatically updates its virus definition. In Avira, I had to manually update the software, which I usually forgot to do. Avast, on the other hand, updates the software whenever the computer connects to the Internet.
Avast Updates while I watch YouTube video
Avast updated automatically while I watch YouTube videos.

Of the four Anti-Virus software that I used, I place Avast in the first place, followed by Avira, AVG and Norton.


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  1. Right! Avast is recommended for installation and works without any network issue, while sophos can be used for network pc's.

  2. Thank you for the valuable tips Einz.

    Now I know when to use Sophos. ^_^

    It is good that I chose to use Avast as my laptop's anti-virus software.


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