Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jollitown Games

Jollitown is Jollibee’s online game website that is especially made for Jollibee kids who are fans of the children show, Jollitown. Favorite Jollibee mascots like Jollibee, Hetty, Twirlie, Mr. Yum and Popo are all featured in Jollitown.

Jollitown is all about playing games and having fun with Jollibee and friends. Because of this, Jollibee set different games that will be enjoyed by all Jollibee kids. Here are the games or mini-games that can be played in Jollitown.

Jollitown Game #1: Fun Tram

Jollitown Games- Fun Tram
Jollibee is on a fun tram in outer space.
The goal of this Jollitown game is to make Jollibee reach the finish line. Players should avoid obstacles or the side of the road. Jollitown points can be collected along the way. Players can choose from three available racetracks; which are Beach, Metropolis and Outer Space.

Jollitown Game #2: Aqua Quest

Jollitown Games - Aqua Quest

Popo is looking a strong swimmer for his team. Aqua Quest is a game where players can show Popo that they are good swimmers. The goal of this game is for the player’s avatar to reach the end of this side-scrolling game. Each avatar has an allotted life meter, which will go down whenever the avatar hit sea creatures. Life meter will go up whenever the avatar swims to the surface or get oxygen tanks. This Jollitown game will be over if the life meter becomes empty. Treasure chests in the game give players bonus points.

Jollitown Game #3: Pompom Pow

Jollitown Games - Pompom Pow

This Jollitown game is similar with the Popcap game, Bounce Out. In Pompom Pow, players should line at least 3 pompoms of the same color in a row. Players have a time limit of 5 seconds in finding new pompom rows. The game ends after the player failed for 5 times to create a row within the time limit.

Jollitown Game #4: Robot Lab

Jollitown games - Robot Lab

This Jollitown game challenges the memory of players. In Robot Lab, players are required to “build” a robot from scratch. The player will choose from different Mr. Yum’s different robots. After that, the player should memorize how the robot looks. The game can be finished by joining the robot parts exactly the way it was shown previously. The game is over if the robot was not built within the time limit.

Jollitown Game #5: Dance Mix

Dance Mix is similar to the Dance Revolution games that are available at the arcade. In this Jollitown game, players should create good dance moves by hitting the correct arrow key as they come down the screen. The songs that are used for this game are Try New Things, Jollitown Theme Song and Ilabas ang Saya.

So, these are the five games available in Jollitown. They are simple games and that the kids will surely love. Hope that you enjoy playing these games.

Play these Jollitown games in Jollitown.


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