Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fasting of Lolong is Finally Over

BREAKING NEWS: Guiness Book of World Record declared Lolong as the largest crocodile in captivity. Read more about this news here.

After about one month of not eating, Lolong, the giant buwaya, finally ate the food that is being given to him by his caretakers. The giant buwaya was caught last month in the Agusan Marsh by crocodile hunters in the belief that the buwaya is responsible for the death of a fisherman and a grade school student. Lolong Buwaya was placed inside an 800 square meter pen and is visited by many people from the areas around the municipality of Bunawan. International groups were also interested with Lolong because of its immense size.

Lolong refused to eat in the past month and doctors said that the buwaya is stressed because of the situation that he is in. Because of this, Bunawan mayor Edwin Elorde decided to limit the visitors of Lolong to reduce the stress on the buwaya.
Lolong the giant buwaya
(Source: Inquirer online)

It was reported that at 10 in the morning, Monday (October 5), Lolong ate 7 kilograms of raw pork. Officials of the Bunawan Municipal Government saw this as a sign that the buwaya’s condition is improving. It was said that Lolong Buwaya was given raw pork and dressed chicken alternately.

On the other note, Mayor Elorde believes that there are buwaya that are larger than Lolong that still roams freely in Agusan Marsh.



  1. Finally, nkapag adjust na si Lolong. At ease na sya on his new home =)

  2. Oo nga Ate Einz.

    Na-realize ni Lolong na kailangan din niyang kumain.


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