Friday, February 3, 2012

Party Items for Barbie Themed Jollibee Party Package

What if your child is the girly girl type? What is the best birthday theme for her? No need to dig for answers because Jollibee has a birthday theme that suits the daughter’s party preference. Jollibee party package has the Barbie theme.

Color the party pink as your daughter celebrates her birthday with Barbie and, of course, with Jollibee and friends. Your daughter will not be disappointed with her birthday party because she will see Barbie in all of the party items. Just like in the other party themes of Jollibee party package, the available party items are invitation cards, tray liners, party hats, guest book and loot bags.

Here are the party items:
Jollibee party package - Barbie theme invitation cards
Barbie themed invitation cards.
Jollibee party package - Barbie theme tray liners
Barbie themed tray liners.
Jollibee party package - Barbie theme party hats
Barbie themed party hats.
Jollibee party package - Barbie Theme loot bag
Barbie themed loot bag
Jollibee party package - Barbie Theme guest book
Barbie themed guest book.

The only thing missing in this party item is for Barbie to come over and join the party.

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  1. ask ko lng po kung meron b photo booth ang jollibee in case n gusto ng ganon..thanks and godbless


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