Thursday, July 19, 2012

Videos of Lolong the Giant Buwaya

Lolong is the largest crocodile as declared by National Geographic and Guinness Book of World Record. Because of this, the giant buwaya or crocodile caught a lot of attention from international and local media. Newspapers and news website have articles for Lolong.

With all the “fame” that Lolong got it is not surprising that a lot of people caught him on camera. Here is one video from ABS-CBN:

This video shows Lolong bound from head to tail as he is transferred to his litter. The ropes ensured that Lolong will not eat up his captors.

Here is another video which shows Lolong being put into a sedation:

The sedation was done inside Lolong’s cage in Bunawan Nature Park.

Another video shows what happened during the visit of Guiness Book of World Record Team to Bunawan. The team measured Lolong so as to confirm his length. Here is the video:

Another video came from GMA Channel’s 24 Hours (Bente Kwatro Oras) news program:

Lolong is really large! People are torn if this crocodile should resume its captivity or be released to Agusan Marsh, which is the natural home of crocodiles in the town of Bunawan. What do you think? Is it right to release Lolong?

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