Friday, February 15, 2013

PRC Online Application

One of the things that I hate whenever I go to the office of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is the long line. Every step on renewing the PRC license requires me to wait in line. Thus, I spend at least half day when I go to the PRC.

Thus, it is good that PRC is improving their services to remove the queue. One improvement is the creation of PRC satellite offices in SM Malls. Another is the PRC online application (Online Application System or OAS) for those who will be taking the licensure examintaions.

Unfortunately, the PRC online application is not a fully automated system. The system just provides an online application form, which should be filled up by applicants. They are then required to go to a PRC office to submit the requirements for the licensure exam.

Notheless, the PRC online application is one step for a queue-less system in PRC.
PRC Online Application - examinees answering PRC Licensure Exam

You need to go the PRC website so you can use the Online Application System. The website contains instructions that you should follow when filling up the online application form.

Take note that you should be careful when filling up the form because it will be a hassle for you if what you encoded is wrong.

For more information about the PRC online application, please contact PRC's Application Division at telephone number 314-0027. The line is only available from 8 AM to 5 PM,  Monday to Friday, except holidays.


Do you have questions related to application or licensure at the PRC? Please tell me about it by leaving a comment.


  1. Hindi ako makapaglog-in sa website niyo ayaw. Magoonline register sana ako sa online application niyo...

  2. Anonymous

    Baka may problema ngayon yung PRC website.

  3. unavailabe ang website ... paano yan?

  4. Anonymous

    Abangan na lang natin na maayos yung website ng PRC.

  5. Kelan po ba magiging available ulit yung website niyo? Sana maayos na nang madali para maka-apply na yung mga applicants.

  6. Hello!

    Nag apply po ako online, pero when i was trying to save my application sakto pagkasave ko nalowbat tablet. Tapos, pagpunta ko sa prc, sabi ala pa daw akong online application. So, nagtry uli akong mag apply online, kaso sabi pag isasave ko na "ab error encountered while processing you request. Your application alreadt exist......pano po kya yon? Help naman po.

  7. Anonymous

    I suggest na kontakin mo yung PRC Application Division at sabihin mo sa kanila yung nangyari sa application mo. Heto ang telephone no. nila: 310-1027

  8. hassle pag ganito hindi palaging available ang website nyo.hind mabbgyan ng priority number ang hindi naapag online. hassle talaga'

  9. Anonymous

    I suggest that you send your complaint to the PRC.

  10. ano po gagawin if nkapag enter ng wrong information sa online application..??? please really need to know..

  11. Mythch

    I suggest that you call PRC regarding this. Heto ang telephone no. nila: 310-1027



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