Friday, March 15, 2013

AirPhil Express Promo Changes

On October of 2012, AirPhil Express announced that their flights is now included in the Mabuhay Miles program of Philippine Airlines (PAL). This meant that Mabuhay Miles members can earn miles when they fly with AirPhil Express.

The inclusion of AirPhil Express flights to Mabuhay Miles program is just the beginning of the changes the sister airline of PAL. This month, AirPhil Express announced its total transformation. AirPhil Express was rebranded as Fly PAL Express.

Change of AirPhil Express promo to Fly PAL Express promo

The change of AirPhil Express to Fly PAL Express reflects the improvement and aligning of its services and products with that of Philippine Airlines. One of the improvement that AirPhil Express customer will experience is the inclusion of complimentary snacks and drinks and reading materials on board the aircraft.

AirPhil Express will also have a new logo, which is “sunriser” PAL livery and logo on its tail and fuselage that are seen on the airplanes of Philippine Airlines.

Aside from these changes, AirPhil Express promo will also change. It will now be called as Fly PAL Express Promo. The promo offered can be seen at the new website of Fly PAL Express.

So, you should not be confused if you are looking for AirPhil Express promo fare and found nothing. It just meant that the express promo can now be found with Fly PAL Express.


Image and info was obtained from AirPhil Express Facebook page.

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  1. what's the new website. =(

  2. Anonymous

    This is the new website of FlyPAL Express:


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