Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to Avail FlyPAL Express Promo Fares

I previously reported the rebranding of AirPhil Express to FlyPAL Express. Included in this rebranding is the change of AirPhil Express promo to FlyPAL Express promo. This means that those who want to avail of the express promo fares should go to the new FlyPAL Express website and book the promo flights there.

I outlined here the way on how you can avail of the FlyPAL Express promo fares.

1. Get Timely Updates from FlyPAL Express

There are three ways for you to receive updates of FlyPAL Express promo fares. The first is by signing-up for a FlyPAL Express newsletter.

Go to FlyPAL Express website to sign-up for the newsletter.

Sign-up for FlyPAL Express promo fares newsletter

Just type in your email address and then click the “Sign Up Now” button. And that's done. All you have to do now is to wait for the FlyPAL Express newsletter to be e-mailed to you.

You can also get the latest FlyPAL Express promo by following FlyPAL Express Twitter account or liking the FlyPAL Express Facebook page.

2. Decide Quickly

The fight over for FlyPAL Express promo fares is very fierce. Hundreds of people are vying for the limited offer. Thus, available promo fare slots are gone in mere seconds. Deciding on the destination and day and time of flights should be quick so you can beat other people for the FlyPAL Express promo fare.

3. Ready Your Credit Card

Paying FlyPAL Express promo fare is easy when you use your credit card. FlyPAL Express accepts MasterCard or Visa credit cards. Those who didn't have credit card should not worry because you can still pay your FlyPAL Express promo fare through M Lhuiller, Petron, 7 Eleven, Metro Mall, POS Digital, Prime Asia Pawnshop, Enterprise Bank, NCCC Department Store, NCCC Supermarket, NCCC HB1 and ViaExpress.

Another  tip that I can give you is that you should always be alert when it comes to FlyPAL Express promo fares. Updates for promo fares usually come out during midnight or during the dead of the night when most people are sleeping. If you are fortunate enough to be awake when the FlyPAL Express promo fares come out then you have a good chance of getting the promo fares that you want.


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