Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to Make Palaspas

The Holy Week is getting near and I am sure that many Catholics are preparing for their yearly “panata”. Some of you will do the Visita Iglesia, which is the vow of visiting 7 churches during Maundy Thursday. Others will do the pasyon, which is the singing of the sorrowful suffering and death of our Lord. Few will do self flagellation and crucifixion on Good Friday.

However, before we reach the Holy Week we had to celebrate Palm Sunday or the Linggo ng Palaspas (in Filipino). On Palm Sunday, we commemorate the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem. People welcomed our Lord with great joy by throwing their cloaks and palm leaves as His carpet.

Filipinos celebrating Linggo ng Palaspas or Palm Sunday.
Pinoys celebrating Linggo ng Palaspas.

Palaspas, especially those with beautiful designs, are a little expensive. Fortunately, we have a small palm plant in front of our house. My mother just get some palm leaves and that's what we bring to the church.

What if you don't want a simple palaspas and you also don't want to buy the expensive ones? What you'll gonna do? The solution is to make your own palaspas.

Good thing that Tinay Bialaga made a tutorial video on how to make palaspas. What I like with her videos is that she features different designs of palaspas. These palaspas designs include heart design, whip lash design, cross design and zigzag design.

Watch her video here and learn how to make palaspas.

Palaspas Heart Design

Palaspas Zigzag Design

Palaspas Mized Design

Want to learn the other designs? Go to the YouTube page of Tinay Bialaga. Hope that you watch and learn.

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