Thursday, October 31, 2013

Selecting Our Engagement Ring

My Beloved and I are already in the process of selecting our wedding rings as our wedding day is just around the corner. This reminds me of the day when I selected an engagement ring for my girlfriend (now future wife) years ago. The way we are selecting our wedding rings is somewhat similar to the way I selected our engagement ring.

Engagement ring is just a small thing but it is an essential part of our relationship. This ring is clear symbol that I am choosing my Beloved to be my lifetime partner. Our engagement ring served as the sign to the world that we already have our vows and we are not ashamed of it.

The importance of the engagement ring means that I had to be careful in choosing it. I do not want to buy an engagement ring that my fiancee will not like. I want an engagement ring that she will be proud of wearing.

Choosing our engagement ring is not easy for because there are plenty of things that should be  factored in. One of these, which I think is the primary factor, is the price of the engagement ring. What I want, of course, is an engagement ring that will fit my budget.

Another factor is the design. My Beloved is just a simple lady and I wanted an engagement that will fit that personality. There are plenty of designs for engagement rings. There are those that have big stones (usually diamonds and rubies) and others that have small stones that were discreetly set on the ring. There are those that are just simple bands and then there are engagement rings that have weird designs.

The last factor is the kind of gold that for the engagement ring. I read that there many kinds of gold that can be used for jewelries. There is the Italian gold then there is the white gold. It depends on the mix of gold and other metals that were used to strengthen the jewelry.

I had a very hard time deciding. Good thing that there are plenty of resources in the Internet that can be consulted. I read about Tacori. I read about the advantages and disadvantages of 14 karat over 18 karat engagement rings. I also read about what a perfectly cut diamond should look.

There are also plenty of online shops that makes it easy for us to shop for our wedding rings. One online shop that I discovered is I was dazzled by the wide array of wedding rings that are available from this online jewelry store. If you want to see the wedding rings (or even engagement rings) that this online jewelry store has to offer, I highly suggest that you visit

In the end, I chose a simple engagement ring that is of white gold and have one small diamond stone. My Beloved liked it and with it she said her very sweet “YES”.

So, for those who are looking for engagement rings, I suggest that you decide based on the factors that I used. What's important is that you will show how much you love your girl when you propose. And the engagement ring that you will buy will symbolize that love.

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