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Jollibee Party Package Price for 2014

I posted in this blog, about two years ago, a list of prices for each Jollibee party package. The prices listed in that blog post are already out-dated. It seems like Jollibee is also affected by increasing prices of commodities. The new prices of each Jollibee party package or each food package are higher than its prices two years ago.

Jollibee party package price increase may be bad news for parents who want to celebrate their children’s birthday party at Jollibee. On the bright side, the Jollibee party fee did not increase because it’s still pegged at 1,250 pesos. Also, the medium-sized Jollibee party cake is 900 pesos, similar to its price about two years ago.

The new price listed on this post is for Jollibee party with 30 people (guests and birthday celebrants).

2014 price for Jollibee Party Food Package A:

Jollibee Party Food Package A

The Food Package A’s price is 3,930 pesos. It is 90 pesos more expensive than its old price two years ago.

2014 price for Jollibee Party Food Package B:

Jollibee Party Food Package B

The Food Package B’s price is 5,250 pesos. It is 120 pesos more expensive than its old price two years ago.

2014 price for Jollibee Party Food Package C:

Jollibee Party Food Package C

The Food Package C’s price is 4,800 pesos. It is 120 pesos more expensive than its old price two years ago.

2014 price for Jollibee Party Food Package D:

Jollibee Party Food Package D

The Food Package C’s price is 6,090 pesos. It is 180 pesos more expensive than its old price two years ago.

I did not include the “Create Your Own” food package since its price depends on the how you customize it.

Read my post “How to Plan Your Jollibee Party” to help you prepare for the Jollibee party for you child.


Images used in this post were obtained from the Jollibee Party website.


  1. pwede po bang iba yung meal sa bata at iba din yung sa adults??

  2. Telay

    Pwede po yun. Basta sabihin n'yo lang dun sa Jollibee kung ano yung party meal ang gusto ninyo para sa adults at sa kids.

  3. sa napili ko pong package sa food bukod pa ba dun ung payment sa theme??

  4. Yung sa theme ay nakapasok sa Jollibee party fee na bukod pa sa presyo ng food package na pinili n'yo.

  5. Hello may invitation po ba?

  6. Anonymous

    Invitation cards are available but you have to buy it separately. It costs 1.50 pesos per piece.

  7. Sir pano pg sa place ang venue ng party pero mg aavail aq ng package ksm ang fee sk cake pwede b yun

  8. Anonymous

    Depende po 'yan kung papayag yung Jollibee branch sa lugar ninyo. Ang mabuti ay yung mismong taga-Jollibee ang tanungin ninyo.

  9. Meron pb ibang pakage

  10. magkano ba ang cmplte packge meal nyo gud for 50 person..

  11. Anonymous

    Yung presyo po ay depende sa kung anong Jollibee meal ang piliin ninyo at kung anong mga add-ons ang gusto ninyo para sa Jollibee party.

  12. gaano po kalaki ang worth Php900 na cake?? at magkano po kung mag add ng chicken joy sa package number 2? magkano po ang additional??

  13. Anonymous

    8 inches by 12 inches yung size ng 900 pesos cake. I suggest that you click this link: Prices of Bisthday Cakes for Jollibee Party para sa detalye.

    Regarding naman sa prices ng party packages, I suggest that you visit the Jollibee party website.

  14. Ask ko lng po. Sa birthday package na nasabi kasama na.po ba doon ang inviation cars at loot bag,decoration sa party? Thank you

  15. Anonymous

    Wala pong loot bag at invitation cards. Kailangan nyo pa pong mag-add on ng bayad para sa mga iyon.

    Yung Jollibee na po ang mag-decorate ng party area.

  16. Magkano po ba kung mag add on ako ng chicken sa package B at pwede po ba na ako na magdadala ng mga balloons at mga loot bags sa party.....

  17. Ask ko lng po kasama na ba sa pricelist ung pagpili ng theme?

  18. Anonymous

    Kasama na po yung theme sa price ng Jollibee party.

  19. pwde po ba sa school? pareho lang po ba ng food at prices pg sa school?

  20. Anonymous

    Sa tingin ko ay iba yung presyo kapag sa labas ng Jollibee gagawin yung party. Magtanong na lang kayo sa manager ng Jollibee tungkol dito.

  21. Hi I am planning my 2nd child's 1st bday at Jollibee and Im planning to get their jollitown theme but I also want my own theme which is "monster themed" to be incorporated in the party.Meaning, I will still get the party amenities from Jollibee except their lootbags which will be provided by me w/ a monster theme & I'll bring just a couple of "monster" cupcakes (for display only & not for consumption during the party) just an added decoration w/ jollibee's cake.
    I have all of these in mind until I read from other parents' post who celebrated parties this year that Jollibee parties NO LONGER ALLOW you to bring your own cake, own lootbags etc. Especially if it is not included in their 4 offered party themes. IS THIS TRUE? I felt disheartened. 5 years ago they allow you to choose wether you'll avail their cake, prizes and lootbags provided the only entertainer would be Jollibee. Hearing they no longer allow that just brings me to pieces :-(. I love jollibee parties but I also want to have that cute monster theme for my boy.

  22. Mommy Ten

    I'm not sure but I believe that it's true that Jollibee doesn't allow its clients to bring their own cake in the party because they are affiliated with Red Ribbon. There is a possibility that they will allow you to bring your own cake if its made by Red Ribbon.


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