Friday, April 4, 2014

Birthday Cakes for Jollibee Party

Birthday parties will never be complete without a cake. This delicious treat is part of many celebrations that it is less fun without it. Cakes serve as centerpieces of celebrations. Aside from birthdays; weddings, anniversaries, and other milestones in life are celebrated by having cakes.

Jollibee knows the importance of birthday cakes, that's why this restaurant teamed up with Red Ribbon Bakeshop to create cakes that are perfect for Jollibee party.

Jollibee party currently has four party themes; namely (1) My Best Friend Jollibee party theme, (2) Jollitown party theme, (3) Hello Kitty party theme, and (4) Batman party theme. Each Jollibee party theme has their own design of birthday cakes.

Jollibee party cakes comes in medium (8 inches by 12 inches) and large (12 inches by 12 inches) sizes. Flavors available for the Jollibee party cakes are chocolate and mocha.

Here are the different design of birthday cakes for each Jollibee party theme:

My Best Friend Jollibee Party Theme 

Cake for the Jollibee party theme My Best Friend Jollibee

This cake is all about Jollibee and it fits perfectly to this Jollibee party theme. I think that this cake is good for those who are super-fan of Jollibee.

Jollitown Party Theme

Cake for the Jollibee party theme Jollitown

Jollitown Jollibee party theme means a party with Jollibee and gang. That's why everyone from Jollitown is on this cake.

Hello Kitty Party Theme

Cake for the Jollibee party theme Hello Kitty

The cake is pink, which is perfect for little girls. Hello Kitty, of course, is the centerpiece of this birthday cake.

Batman Party Theme

Cake for the Jollibee party theme Batman

Batman and friends are the centerpiece of the cake for the Batman Jollibee party theme. This perfect for little kids who love watching Batman and other DC heroes.

These cakes were made by Red Ribbon Bakeshop so it is guaranteed to taste yummy. Your child will definitely like it.

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