Tuesday, June 17, 2014

5 Problems in PRC License Renewal

My experience with PRC license renewal is fine since I didn’t encounter any problem. I renewed my professional license at the central office of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in Morayta, Manila. The whole process has lots of pila (queue) and time consuming.

Other Filipino professionals were not as fortunate as I am and encountered problems.

What are these problems? Just continue reading this post to find out.
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(Source: PRC website)

Problem 1: Delayed Release of PRC License

Delayed release of PRC license is the major problem in PRC satellite offices in SM malls. Some commenters reported that her PRC license is still not available after a month had passed after her submission of requirements for PRC license renewal.

Read my posts about PRC license renewals at SM malls and SM business centers.

Problem 2: Penalty Fees

Another problem that isusually raised is about the penalty for professionals who didn't renew their PRC license for many years. The PRC is not clear about this and the information is not available at their website.

Problem 3: Authorized Representative

Pinoy professionals are very busy people. That's why many of them don't have the time to go to the PRC office for the PRC license renewal. The usual question is if the PRC allows their representative to renew their PRC license for them. The answer is “yes”. For the details, please read my post about authorization letter for PRC license renewal.

Problem 4: PRC License Renew before the Expiration Date

This problem was raised many times by some commenters. Unfortunately, I don't have answer for it yet.

Problem 5: Lost PRC License

Another common problem is the losing the PRC license. Pinoy professionals are worried about getting a copy of it from the PRC. Good thing that the PRC issues new PRC license to replace the missing ones. All the professional need to do is to submit an affidavit of loss.

For more information, please read my tips for PRC license renewal.

These are five common problems or questions that I received from commenters to this blog. I know that there are more problems that I failed to include. Anyone is free to share their problems or their experiences in PRC license renewal. Tell us about it by leaving a comment below.

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