Saturday, July 19, 2014

Product Review: Our Condura Refrigerator

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My Beloved Wife Lei and I were just few months married. This means that we are only beginning to build our home. One thing that we did at the start of our marriage is to buy some appliances that will make our lives easy. One such appliance is the refrigerator.

We need to have a refrigerator because it serves as storage space for our food. It prolongs the life of meat, vegetables, and fruits. The refrigerator also keeps vermin, like cockroaches and rats, away from our food.

Of the many refrigerator brands that we checked, it is the Condura refrigerator that got our approval.

A salesman from Emilio S. Lim appliances shop convinced us to buy our Condura refrigerator. Some of the advantages that he mentioned are:

1. The condenser (or the coil located usually at the back of refrigerators) of Condura fridge is not covered but exposed to the air. This means that heat can escape easily, thus making the fridge cool faster.

2. Condura uses Panasonic motors for their refrigerators. This means that our refrigerator has the same output as Panasonic refrigerators but at a lower price.

3. Condura refrigerators are locally assembled, thus our fridge is a local product (Pinoy made).
Our Condura ref
Our Condura refrigerator (Source: eBuy Philippines)

We bought the single-door, model CSD210SA Condura refrigerator. It cost around 14,000 Php (pesos)

Our fridge has the following specs:

Total storage volume: 173 liters
Rated power input: 87 W
Rated voltage: 230 V
Rated current: 0.71 A
Rated frequency: 60 Hz
Energy consumption: 0.64 kilowatt-hours per 24 hours
Energy efficiency factor: 282

My Verdict on Condura Fridge

We like our Condura fridge. Lei's only complaint is the color because she didn't like grey. She preferred that our Condura fridge be white or the more trendy red.

I noticed that our Condura fridge makes ice very quickly even if it set on the lowest cooling level. In fact, ice get thick very quickly that we have to defrost once every two weeks.

Despite this observation, I still give our Condura fridge two thumbs up. I highly recommend this refrigerator.

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