Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jollibee Party Theme Fun-tastic Factory Coming Soon

A new Jollibee party theme is in the works and it will be unveiled on the first day of June 2015. This Jollibee party theme is the Fun-tastic Factory.

The announcement of the new party theme is posted on the Jollibee party website but no other details were provided. We can be sure, however, that the Fun-tastic Factory Jollibee party theme will be filled with exciting giveaways and other surprises that the kids will surely love.

Jollibee Party theme: Fun-tastic Factory
(Source: Jollibee Party website)

Jollibee currently has the following party themes:  Hello Kitty party theme, My Best Friend Jollibee party theme, and Jollitown party theme. The Fun-tastic Factory party theme will replace the My Best Friend Jollibee party theme.

Those who will book their party on and after June 1 can now choose the Fun-tastic Factory party theme for their Jollibee party. You can also choose other Jollibee party themes like Hello Kitty party theme and the Jollitown party theme on that date.


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