Sunday, October 7, 2018

How to Do Philhealth Online Registration

Philhealth is essential in ensuring that me and my family are covered during medical emergencies. In fact, I availed Philhealth medical coverage 4 times: twice when My Beloved Wife gave birth to our two children, and twice when my son was hospitalized.

Our Philhealth coverage is actually deducted from our salaries. Now, many people wanted to know about the status of their Philhealth contribution. It can be done by going to Philhealth office or asking the Human Resource office of your company. Another way, which I believe is the most convenient, is by doing the Philhealth online registration.

If you are interested in Philhealth online registration, here is your handy guide:

Philhealth Online Registration

Take note that Philhealth members who are employed, self-employed, OFWs, and retirees (either government or private sector) can use this online facility.

2. Fill-up your personal information at the online form. Make sure that you know your Philhealth Number.

Philhealth Online Registration
Philhealth Online Registration
Philhealth Online Registration
Philhealth Online Registration

3. You can also upload any of the following documents to ensure that your Philhealth online registration will be approved:

Philhealth Online Registration

Affidavit of Baptismal Certificate
Alien Certification or Immigrant Certification of Registration
Barangay Certification
Birth Certificate
Certification fro the National Council for the Welfare of the Disabled Person
Company ID
DSWD or Local Social Welfare Development  Officer (LSWDO) Certification
Driver's License
GSIS e-Card
Insurance Commission ID
NBI Clearance
Police Clearance
Postal ID
Seaman's Book
Senior Citizen's Card
SSS Card
Voter's ID

Take note that Philhealth online registration system will only accept JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF file types. The scanned document should be clear and readable, and the file size per document should not exceed 2 MB.

4. The last step is to just answer the captcha and tick the check box for the attestation and then click “Submit Registration”.

And those are the easy steps for Philhealth online registration. Just wait for the approval of your application in your e-mail.

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