Tuesday, February 12, 2019

How to Register Your SSS Account with Text SSS 2600

Social Security System or SSS is one of the government agencies considered by as one of tghe worst in providing public service.  In fact, it shared the top spot with LTO in having the most number of complaints about red tape in 2017.

I experienced this bad public service with SSS plenty of times. My top complaint is the very slow process that always result to long queues. The result is that I wasted plenty of time whenever I transact with SSS. There were times that I decided to go home because of the long line.

Thankfully,  SSS listens to the complaints of the public so they set up systems that will help the public. One of those systems is the Text SSS.

Text SSS 2600 tarp

Registering with Text SSS is very easy.  All I did was to send an SMS or text to 2600 in this format:

SSS REG [10 digit SSS Number] [birthday] 

The birthday should be in this format: MM/DD/YYYY

I, for example was born on July 1, 1988, so I texted SSS this message:

SSS REG 1234567890 07/01/1988

Take note that sending a message to Text SSS costs 2.50 pesos per message.

After I sent the above message, Text SSS sent this confirmation message:

Text SSS 2600 Message

The above message confirmed that my registration to Text SSS is successful.

Do not delete the confirmation text from SSS because it contains the PIN that you will use when you inquire the following using Text SSS:

1. Contributions
2. Loan Balance
3. Loan Status
4. Claim Status
5. Requirements
6. Change Information
7. Nearest Branch
8. Feedback
9. Maternity Notification
10. Payment Reference Number (PRN) Inquiry

Text SSS is very useful for me. I was able to inquire about my SSS contributions and I was able to check if my last payment was received by SSS.

So, if you are an SSS member, I highly recommend that you apply for Text SSS.

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