Thursday, February 28, 2019

BPI Credit Card Moving to eStatement

BPI Credit Card eStatement

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Credit Card is now moving to eStatement or electronic statement.

BPI informed me of this move when the bank emailed me this message:

We would like to remind you that starting March 2019, you will be enrolled to our eStatement Facility for BPI Credit Cards and will no longer receive a printed Statement of Account. 
We will be sending your BPI Credit Card electronic Statement of Account (eStatement) to your email address registered in our records. 
Enjoy these benefits with eStatement: 
• On Time – Receive your monthly Statement of Account (SOA) faster.
• Convenient – Access and download your eStatements anytime, anywhere. We'll also inform you via SMS once we’ve sent your eStatement.
• Secure – The file is password-protected so your SOA details are kept confidential.
• Eco-Friendly – Help reduce paper waste and save our precious trees. 
We would also like to remind you to keep your contact information updated and ensure you have enough space in your mailbox so you can receive your eStatement. 
Thank you for your continued patronage.

I do not have any problem with this move by the BPI. In fact, I have been receiving eStatements for my Metrobank Credit Card and also for my phone bills from Sun Cellular.

I believe that eStatement is more convenient and will provide more timely delivery of BPI credit card bills to me.

Those that will have problem with this system are the senior citizens and the not-so-computer savvy clients of BPI. I do hope that the bank will give them option to continue receiving credit card statements through mail.

What do you think about the eStatment of BPI Credit Card? Do you think it will work for you? Tell us in the comments below.

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