Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Newest McDo Birthday Party Brochure for 2019

McDonalds Philippines released the newest brochures for its McCelebrations or McDo party and it features my children's favorite train: Thomas and Friends. Barbie and Hot Wheels are also featured.

McDo birthday party brochure 2019

These three cartoon characters are the newest party themes for the McCelebrations Birthday Party.

Aside from these three party themes, McDo also has two McDo party themes, namely, Ronald and the Gang and Happy. The 5 McDonalds birthday party themes are at the back of the brochure.

McDo birthday party brochure 2019

The McDo birthday party brochure also listed the 4 Food Mixes,the McDo party perks, party favors, and the three easy steps in preparing the McDo party for your kids.

So, read if you're planning a birthday bash for your kids in McDo then I suggest that you get a McDo party brochure at the McDonalds branch nearest to you or talk to any of McDo crew.

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