Saturday, June 6, 2020

How to Access DepEd Commons using Cellphone

The bad situation of COVID-19 in our country brings fears to many parents all around the country. Many parents do not want their child to get the virus in schools. Many parents asked the Department of Education (DepEd) to stop the school year. Many parents are thinking of trying online education or homeschooling for their children.

As preparation for hybrid learning, or a mix of online and face-to-face education, DepEd launched the DepEd Commons.

DepEd Commons is an online platform to support the continuous delivery of basic education to Filipino learners. This platform was worksheets, books, and other tools that can be used by parents for teaching their kids or by students who wanted to self-study.

DepEd Commons can be accessed via PC, tablet or mobile phone (cellphone).  The good news is that accessing the DepEd Commons is free and will not use the Internet data of your cellphone. The free access is applicable for Globe, Smart, Sun, TNT, and TM users.

This is how to access DepEd Commons using your cellphone:

1. Open your cellphone’s Internet browser (Chrome, Opera etc.) and type in this address: You can also click here to access DepEd Commons.

2. Scroll down and fill up the following information: (1) Type of School (public or private), (2) Name of School, (3) Type of User (Student or Teacher), (4) Name, and (4) Email.

Access DepEd Commons Using Cellphone

It actually doesn’t matter what information you put. Just choose any school type and any school. You can also choose any type of user. I actually placed by pen name (false name) and false email address and DepEd Commons granted me access.

3. On the next page, select the Grade Level of your student

Access DepEd Commons Using Cellphone

DepEd Commons has online tools for all grade levels, including kindergarten and senior high school. My children are still in Kindergarten so I chose Kindergarten.

Access DepEd Commons Using Cellphone (Kindergarten Learning Tools)

Sadly, the learning tools for Kindergarten in DepEd Commons is only for Filipino Subject and only for a few letters of the ABAKADA.

4. Choose the subject or learning tools that you want

Access DepEd Commons Using Cellphone (Filipino Subject for Kindergarten)

I choose the tools or learnings on “Titik Ii, Oo, at Ee” and the result is 13 learning activities or pagsasanay. Unfortunately, choosing one of the pagsasanay will bring you to a website that is outside of DepEd Commons. You will incur or use your Internet data to access the said website.

Access DepEd Commons Using Cellphone Not Free for Using Learning Tools

Click OK if you want to proceed. 

The link brought me to a quiz page.

Access DepEd Commons Using Cellphone (Learning Game)

The quiz page can be used by parents in teaching their children. This quiz, for instance, will help me test our kindergarten kids  ABAKADA.

Access DepEd Commons Using Cellphone (Filipino Subject Quiz)

So that is how parents can access DepEd commons using their cellphones.

I was disappointed with DepEd Commons because the learning tools available are very few and not that useful for parents who want to teach their children. Let us hope that DepEd will upload more learning tools, especially now that they are pushing for the opening of classes in August even if COVID-19 pandemic is still raging in our country.

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