Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Review: LG Inverter Front Load Washing Machine (Philippines)

Doing the laundry is one of the most painful house chores. I usually spend 3 hours or more washing our dirty clothes even with the use of a regular washing machine. It is tiring and a waste of time for me and my wife. There were times that we couldn't do the laundry because we are taking care of two kids and one baby.

We can no longer take the pain of doing the laundry so we decided to buy an automatic front load washing machine to ease our burdens.

We checked out many brands of washing machines like TCL and Samsung (too expensive!) - until we finally settled with LG.

The washing machine that we bought is the LG automatic front load washing machine (model no. FC1206N4W).

LG automatic front load washing machine (model no. FC1206N4W)
(Source: LG)

Here are the reasons why we chose LG automatic front load washing machine over other brands:

1. Reasonable Price

This is the main reason why we chose LG. We felt that what we spent was reasonable for the technical specs that LG offers. Also, we purchased this washing during the 7.7 Sale of Shopee so we got a very good discount for it.

2. Stylish Design

My Beloved Wife also decided to purchase LG because it looks good. Although she prefers a washing machine in black bit we had to settle with white since this is what's available from the seller.

3. Inverter Technology

This is the reason why I  chose LG for our washing machine. Using the inverter technology means less parts used in the machine, which means that there are less chances for wear and tear. This means that our washing machine will last longer than a non-inverter washing machine.

What we liked about our LG washing machine:

1. Quick and easy laundry 

Our LG automatic front load washing machine truly freed us from the burden of laundry. We finished washing loads and loads of dirty clothes by just pushing buttons. Our LG washing machine already has a spin dryer so we'll just hang the clothes to dry them fully.

2. Drainage tube can be hanged

There are washing machines that need its drainage tube to be placed on the floor and just let gravity do its work. Our LG automatic washing machine is different. We can raise its drainage tube at a height of less than 1 meter. This allowed us to place our washing machine inside the house and just put out the end of the drainage tube out of the window.

3. Allows us to add more clothes

Our LG automatic washing machine allows us to add some clothes even if we started the wash. This means that there will be no dirty clothes "left behind".

4. It is easy to set up

Buyers of this washing machine have the option to call LG service center to set-up their washing machine. It will take days though. So we just set up the washing machine ourselves. The manual, which came with the washing machine, is pretty handy and guided me well in setting up.

5. Our LG automatic washing machine is not noisy

The common complaints with washing machine is the noise. I read about one brand that sounds like a noisy airplane engine. Our LG automatic washing machine is not like that. It sounded with a little "hmmmm" that gets a little louder when it is already rinsing and spin drying the clothes.

What we don't like with our LG automatic washing machine:

1. The Manual is Useless

The handy manual is useless when it comes to operating the LG washing machine. It has no step-by-step guide in starting up the washing machine. We took a long time guessing. Even LG's official Youtube videos are not helpful. Good thing that we found a Youtube video that helped us in operating our LG automatic washing machine for the first time.

2. LG ThinQ App is not working

LG has an app called ThinQ that can monitor the status of our automatic washing machine. I installed it on my phone but it's not working. Well, it is not important since I can run the washing machine without. It would be cool, however, if the app actually works.

The Verdict

All in all, we are satisfied with our LG washing machine. It truly eased our burden. The time that we spent for laundry in the past was now spent for other house chores and taking care of the kids.

I am glad that we purchased an LG automatic front load washing machine.


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