Thursday, October 6, 2022

How to Get RTC and MTC Clearances

Note: this blog post contains the RTC clearance requirements for 2022

There was one time that I was required to get a RTC clearance and MTC clearance. Unfortunately, there are very few online information about how to get these clearances. The most helpful page that have info on RTC and MTC clearances is this FB post of OCC RTC Agoo.

The result is that I wasted time when I went to the office of MTC for the first time. The guard told me to get a police clearance before I can get the MTC clearance. I didn't have a police clearance that day so I had no choice but to leave and get that darn police clearance.

It was a frustrating experience that I do not want you to experience. So here is the handy guide on how you can get the DTC clearance and MTC clearance.

What is RTC? MTC?

RTC is the acronym for Regional Trial Court while MTC is for Municipal Trial Court. These are the lower courts that handle criminal cases.

Companies sometime ask for clearances from RTC and MTC to ensure that the applicant has no pending cases.

Requirements for RTC and MTC Clearances

OCC RTC Agoo listed the following requirements for RTC Clearance:

  1. Police clearance
  2. Municipal Trial Court (MTC) clearance
  3. Documentary stamp

In my experience, the RTC and the MTC in our city only asked for the copy of police clearance. The RTC did not ask for the MTC clearance. Meanwhile, the documentary stamp was not required by both the RTC and the MTC.

I think each RTC and MTC has their own set of requirements. I was just fortunate that our RTC and MTC are not demanding when it comes to requirements. So, you better ask the RTC and MTC in your area about the required documents.

How to Get RTC and MTC Clearances

Getting the RTC and MTC clearances is easy. Just go to the RTC and MTC offices in your town or city and submit the required documents.

Just wait for a few minutes and then you get your RTC clearance and MTC clearance. I waited about 30 minutes to get my MTC and RTC clearances.

Very few companies or institutions require the MTC and RTC clearances so there was no queue when I applied for these clearances.

How Much is the RTC and MTC Clearances

The fee for MTC clearance is 60 pesos. It is less expensive compared to NBI Clearance and Police Clearance.

So that's all the info that you need to know in getting the RTC and MTC clearances.


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