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PUPCET 2024 Requirements and Qualifications

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The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) is now in the process of accepting first year college students through their PUP College Entrance Test or PUPCET.

PUPCET is one of the most competitive college entrance exams in the country due to the sheer number of examinees. Thousands of senior high school graduates take the PUPCET every year for a chance to study in a reputable national state college.

If you are one of those interested in taking the PUPCET this 2024 then I suggest that you read the PUPCET requirements and the schedules of applications, as well as, the exams in various campuses of PUP.

PUPCET Requirements

To apply for PUPCET, the following requirements must be submitted online in JPEG format (,jpg or .jpeg) with file size not exceeding 300 kilobytes (kb):

1. Grade 11 Report Card that clearly shows your complete name, learner reference number (LRN), and the general weighted average (GWA) for first and second semesters.

2. 2 by 2-colored picture or photo with name tag. Note that your photo should look like this:

Acceptable Photos for PUPCET 2024
Acceptable Photos for PUPCET.

PUPCET Qualifications

The following are qualified to take the PUPCET:

1. Grade 12 students who are eligible to graduate for at the end of the Academic Year (AY) 2023-2024

2. Graduates of K-12 pilot schools who have GWA that are 82% or higher and have enrolled in any degree programs, diploma programs, or technical programs.

3. Passers of Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT), Alternative Learning System (ALS), and Non-Formal Education Accreditation and Equivalency (NFEA & E) who are certified eligible for admission to tertiary level education or college.

How to Apply for PUPCET

Applying for PUPCET is easy since it can be done online. All you need is a good internet connection and the digital copy of your PUPCET requirements.

You can read the step-by-step instructions for PUPCET application in the PUPCET website.

That covers the requirements and qualifications for PUPCET. I pray for your success in PUPCET and I hope you become part of the iskolars ng bayan sa PUP.

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