Tuesday, February 12, 2019

How to Register Your SSS Account with Text SSS 2600

Social Security System or SSS is one of the government agencies considered by as one of tghe worst in providing public service.  In fact, it shared the top spot with LTO in having the most number of complaints about red tape in 2017.

I experienced this bad public service with SSS plenty of times. My top complaint is the very slow process that always result to long queues. The result is that I wasted plenty of time whenever I transact with SSS. There were times that I decided to go home because of the long line.

Thankfully,  SSS listens to the complaints of the public so they set up systems that will help the public. One of those systems is the Text SSS.

Text SSS 2600 tarp

Registering with Text SSS is very easy.  All I did was to send an SMS or text to 2600 in this format:

SSS REG [10 digit SSS Number] [birthday] 

The birthday should be in this format: MM/DD/YYYY

I, for example was born on July 1, 1988, so I texted SSS this message:

SSS REG 1234567890 07/01/1988

Take note that sending a message to Text SSS costs 2.50 pesos per message.

After I sent the above message, Text SSS sent this confirmation message:

Text SSS 2600 Message

The above message confirmed that my registration to Text SSS is successful.

Do not delete the confirmation text from SSS because it contains the PIN that you will use when you inquire the following using Text SSS:

1. Contributions
2. Loan Balance
3. Loan Status
4. Claim Status
5. Requirements
6. Change Information
7. Nearest Branch
8. Feedback
9. Maternity Notification
10. Payment Reference Number (PRN) Inquiry

Text SSS is very useful for me. I was able to inquire about my SSS contributions and I was able to check if my last payment was received by SSS.

So, if you are an SSS member, I highly recommend that you apply for Text SSS.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Jollibee Birthday Party Package Brochure 2019

Jollibee recently released a new Jollibee party brochure that features that newest Jollibee party theme. That Jollibee party theme is none other than the Jollibee Fairytale Land.

Jollibee Party Brochure 2018

This new Jollibee party theme is perfect for boys and girls who enjoy stories of princesses and princes, of magic and wonder, and of fairies and elves. Mommies and daddies can hold a Jollibee party with the birthday celebrant and guests wearing fairytale costumes.

The back of the Jollibee party brochure shows these three steps in booking for a Jollibee party:

Step 1: Choose Jollibee party themes

Jollibee Party Themes

Aside from the Jollibee Fairytale Land, you can also choose any of these Jollibee party themes: Jollitown, Jollirace, and Hello Kitty Fun Carnival.

I believe that the Hello Kitty Fun Carnival party theme is perfect for girls who are big fans of the kawaii Hello Kitty. My little daughter, Samantha, will surely love this Jollibee party theme.

Step 2: Set-up the Jollibee party

You can mix and match party favors and theme favors to brighten your child’s birthday party.

The Jollibee party favors that you will get is based on the party fee that you will pay. If you pay 1,500 pesos party you will get:

Jollibee Party Favors

30 name tags
30 balloons
15 assorted game prizes
15 party hats
15 invitation cards
15 trayliners
5 boxes of crayons
1 message  board
Jollibee mascot appearance

For 2,000 pesos party fee, you will also get the above party favors plus 10 loot bags.

Take note that you will pay additional 500 pesos on top of your chosen Jollibee party fee if the party is held in school or in any place outside of Jollibee store.

Jollibee Party Theme Favors

You can also add party theme favors. Take note that 1 set of Jollibee party theme favor costs 7 pesos; which consists of party hat, trayliner, invitation card, and name tag. 

You can also add a loot bag, which costs 60 pesos each.

You can also order a birthday cake with the following details: (1) Medium-sized cake that has dimension of 8 inches by 12 inches costs 900 pesos, and (2) Large-sized cake that has dimension of 12 inches by 12 inches costs 1,100 pesos.

Jollibee Party Mascots: Popo, Hetty, Twirlie, Yum

Finally, you can add more mascots Popo, Hetty, Twirlie, and Yum. One mascot costs 1,000 pesos for 30-minute appearance with Jollibee. Take note that adding a mascot is subject to its availability in Jollibee stores.

Step 3: Choose your Jollibee party food package

Jollibee Party Food Packages

You can choose any of the following food packages for your Jollibee party:

Food Package A consisting of Jolly Spaghetti, regular fries, regular softdrink, Sundae for 162 pesos

Food Package B consisting of 1 piece Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti, regular fries, regular softdrink, Sundae for 211 pesos

Food Package C consisting of Cheesy Yumburger, Jolly Spaghetti, regular fries, regular softdrink, Sundae for 207 pesos

Food Package D consisting of 1 piece Chickenjoy with rice, Jolly Spaghetti, regular fries, regular softdrink, Sundae for 237 pesos

You can also create your own Jollibee Party food package for minimum of 5,000 pesos solo items.

As a bonus, the birthday celebrant will get a special birthday gift from Jollibee.

So that's all the info from the latest Jollibee Party Package Brochure for 2018.

Leave a comment below for questions about Jollibee party.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

McDo Party Latest Brochure 2018

McDonald’s released this new brochure for their McDo party.

McDonald's Party Brochure 2018

What I immediately saw in this McDonald’s Party brochure are these new McDo party themes: Barbie, Hot Wheels, Thomas and Friends, and Happy.

McDo Party theme 2018

Ronald and the Gang McDo Party Theme is still available.

The brochure is also helpful for those planning McDo Party for the birthday party of their little kids because it contains these 3 easy steps in booking and preparing a birthday party in McDonald’s:

Step 1: Choose Your Party Theme

McDo Party Inclusions 2018

You can choose one of the McDo party themes listed above; namely; Barbie, Hot Wheels, Thomas and Friends, Happy, and Ronald and the Gang. You have to pay 2,000 pesos McDo party fee, which is also inclusive of the following party items:

1. Party room
2. Full hosting by Mcdonalds staff
3. 30 pieces invitation cards
4. 30 pieces party hats
5. 30 activity traymats
6. 30 balloons
7. 10 guest giveaways
8. Assorted game prizes
9. Free gift for the celebrant
10. Free Mcdonalds mascot appearance

Note that mascot appearance is subject to available character in the Mcdonald’s store. I suggest that you ask the Mcdonald’s store staff about it

Also note that yu can request for additional guest giveaways and game prizes for additional cost.

Step 2: Choose your Mcdo party flavors

McDo Party Food Mix

You can choose the food that you want from the following Mcdo party food mix:

Mcdo Party Food Mix 1, which is composed of Mcspaghetti, regular fries, sundae, and drink.

Mcdo Party Food Mix 2, which is composed of 1-piece chicken Mcdo with McSpaghetti, regular fries, sundae, and drink.

Mcdo Party Food Mix 3, which is composed of McSpaghetti, sundae, drink, and 1 Happy Meal toy.

Mcdo Party Food Mix 4, which is composed of 1-piece chicken Mcdo with McSpaghetti, sundae, drink, and 1 Happy Meal toy.

Make-Your-Own McDo Party Food Mix, which allows you to make your own McDo Party Food Mix if you have 30 guests or more.

Step 3: Add more flavor to the mix

McDo Party food mix add ons

You can add regular fries, Burger McDo, and apple pie. Take that solo regular prices apply to these add-ons.

Unfortunately, McDonald’s removed the prices so you will not know how much a birthday party in McDonalds will be. I suggest that you ask McDonald’s staff about the prices of McDo Party Food Mix, party items,  and add-ons.

McDo Party Perks

McDo Party perks 2018

Those who will celebrate a McDo party may get the following freebies from McDonald’s:

Food bill worth 8,000 pesos to 11,999 pesos will get you a free 500-peso worth of McDonald’s Gift Certificate.

Food bill worth 12,000 pesos to 19,999 pesos will get you a free 1,000-peso worth of McDonald’s Gift Certificate.

Food bill worth 20,000 pesos and up will get you a free 2,000-peso worth of McDonald’s Gift Certificate

That’s all the information that you can get from the McDo party brochure. You can get a copy of this brochure from any McDonald’s store that hosts parties and events.

Want more information about McDo Party? Read McDo Party Package 2018.