Saturday, May 19, 2018

McDo Party Package 2018

Ronald and the gang know how to throw a party. They can set up balloons. They can play games. And of course they can provide yummy food for the kids. That’s why McDonalds offers birthday party package.

If you are one of the Mommies and Daddies who are interested in giving their children a birthday party in McDonalds, here is the  McDo Party Package that you will get:

1. McDo Party Display

Sample display for McDo Party

The McDo party display have party backdrop and ambience banner that features Ronald McDonalds and the gang. There is also party balloons and party tray mats.

2. McDo Party Game Prizes

Game prizes for McDo Party

McDo Party will never be fun if there is no game. So, McDonalds will give these game prizes to those who participates in the fun: clapper, clacker, sticker sheet, bag tag, and memo pad.

3. McDo Party Cake

Birthday cakes for McDo Party

Birthday party will not be complete if there is no birthday cake. McDonalds offers birthday cakes in two sizes: 12 by 16 and 8 by 12. If you do not like their cake then I guess you can ask them if you can bring your own cake.

4. McDo Party Food Packages

Food packages for McDo Party

McDonalds offer 4 food mixes for birthday parties. These are the food mixes:

Food Mix 1: cheeseburger, McSpaghetti, and regular drink that costs 155 Pesos per person

Food Mix 2: 1-piece Chicken McDo, McSpaghetti, and regular drink that costs 180 Pesos per person.

Food Mix 3: 1-piece Chicken McDo, rice, fries, regular drink, and a Happy Meal Toy that costs 180 Pesos per person.

Food Mix 4: McSpaghetti, Burger McDo, fries, regular drink, and a Happy Meal Toy for 195 Pesos per person.

5. McDo Party Freebies

McDo Party freebies

For a minimum of 10 guests, you will get free 10 balloons, 10 party hats, 10 loot bags, 10 activity mats. You will also get a free party host and candle blowing. This means that you have to pay for extra balloons, party hats, loot bags, activity mats.

For 2,000 pesos, you can also get 1 gift for the birthday celebrant, 30 pieces of giveaways, and 30 game prizes. There will also be an appearance of Grimace, Hamburglar, or Birdie.

I believe that McDo Party package price is not that far from the Jollibee party package price for 2018. McDonalds is another birthday party venue that you can try.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

How to Do PRC Renewal of License Online

I am lazy when it comes to renewing my professional license (a.k.a. PRC license). My reasons are (1) I could not go absent from work, (2) Going to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is too tedious, and (3) I do not have enough Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

I was forced to renew my PRC license last year because I heard that the PRC will remove the license of all Filipino professionals who don’t renew their PRC license for more than 10 years. It was a big hassle for me because I had to move heaven and earth just to get the required CPD points. My only consolation was that the PRC renewal of license is now online.

If you are a Filipino professional like who have to renew his PRC license, then here are the steps that you should follow to do PRC renewal of license online.

Step 1. Go to the PRC Online website and register.

PRC Renewal of License Online

Step 2. Fill up the required information in the PRC Online Registration/Renewal Form

PRC Renewal of License Online - PRC online renewal form

Step 3. Upload your photo.

PRC Renewal of License Online - acceptable photo for PRC renewal online

Note that the photo that you will submit to the PRC online will be used for your new PRC ID. So to avoid delay or disapproval, you must follow these requirements:

1. The photo must be 2X2 in size in plain white background.
2. The photos must be taken no more than 6 months prior to uploading.
3. The applicant must wear decent attire with collar.

The application of PRC renewal will not be processed if:

1. The photo does not resemble the applicant.
2. The applicant wears eyeglasses.
3. The background is not plain white.
4. The photo has shadows.
5. Ears are covered.

Based on my experience, the PRC website do not accept photos that have file size that are very big. I had to use a photo editing software to reduce the file size of my photos.

It is a big hassle if your photo is not accepted by the PRC because you will be asked for an acceptable photo during your scheduled appointment with the PRC. I recommend that you bring a 2x2 photo that follow the above mentioned requirements when you go to the PRC office to avoid hassle when your photo was rejected. 

Step 4. Schedule your PRC renewal.

PRC Renewal of License Online

Click the “Select Transaction” button in your PRC online profile. Fill up the required information and then choose the PRC office or satellite office where you want to pick up your PRC license. You should also select the date for the pick up of PRC license.

Step 5. Pay for your PRC renewal of license.

PRC online will give you a voucher that you can use to pay your PRC license renewal. You can pay at any authorized Bayad Center. 

Step 6. Pick up your PRC license

Go to your selected PRC office or PRC satellite office on your appointed schedule to pick up your PRC license. Don’t forget to bring the receipt of your payment of the PRC renewal fee, CPD certificates, certificate of good standing from your professional organization, and your old PRC ID. Photocopy all of the said documents because the PRC staff may request copies of it.

And that’s it. That’s the easy and convenient way of PRC renewal of license. I am happy with this new system created by the PRC. What’s problematic is the CPD system that the PRC instituted. I believe that the CPD system is unfair.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Jollibee Party Package Price 2018

"Is the price for having a Jollibee party going up?" - I bet that this is one of your questions now that the prices of many products are increasing because of the new tax law created by the government.

Considering the fact that Jollibee party has softdrinks, which is greatly affected by the new taxes, then my guess is that the Jollibee Party Package price for 2018 will definitely increase. Let us see if my guess is true by looking at the prices for the following items of Jollibee party.

1. Jollibee Party Fee

Jollibee party package price 2018 - party fee

You can choose either the 1,500 pesos party fee of the 2,000 pesos party fee. The only difference between the two Jollibee party fees is that the more expensive party fee will give you 10 additional loot bags in addition to the usual party favors and Jollibee mascot appearance. 

2. Jollibee Party Food Packages

Jollibee party package price 2018 - Food Package A and Food Package B
Jollibee party package price 2018 - Food Package C and Food Package D

There are 4 Jollibee Party Food Packages to choose from. Food Package A costs 150 pesos per person. Food Package B costs 199 pesos per person. Food Package A costs 195 pesos per person. And, Food Package A costs 225 pesos per person.

Aside from the above mentioned Jollibee party food packages, you may also choose the Create-Your-Own Jollibee Party Food Package. However, we will not consider the Create-Your-Own Food Package for our computation of the Jollibee party package price for 2018.

3. Jollibee Party Birthday Cake

Jollibee party package price 2018 - medium party cake
Jollibee party package price 2018 - large party cake

Jollibee offers to cake sizes: medium and large. The medium-sized cake costs 990 pesos while the large-sized cake costs 1,100 pesos.

How Much is the Jollibee Party Package Price for 2018?

Now let’s answer the question: how much is the Jollibee Party package price for 2018?

For our computations, let us assume that we will not get additional mascot, or any additional food items and party favors. We will also not use the Create-Your-Own Jollibee food package. Let us also assume that the party will be held inside the Jollibee store because the Jollibee party package in school have additional fee.

Let us also assume that 30 persons will attend the Jollibee party.

The lowest Jolllibee party package price for 2018 will be: 
Party Fee = 1,500
Food Package A = 150 x 30 = 4,500
Medium-size cake = 900
TOTAL = 6,500

The highest Jolllibee party package price for 2018 will be: 
Party Fee = 2,000
Food Package A = 225 x 30 = 6,750
Medium-size cake = 1,100
TOTAL = 9,850

The price range for Jollibee party package 2018 is from 6,500 pesos to 9,850 pesos. 

I am not sure if Jolllibee already included the effect of additional tax for these prices.


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