Good news to members of the PagIBIG Fund. You can now register your account online. This means that you can avoid the long lines that are common in many PagIBIG branches. And since this is an online transaction, you can do this anytime and any place where there is Internet connection.

So, how can you register your account in Pag IBIG Fund Online Registration? Here are the easy steps:

2. On the page that will appear, choose “Register as a New Member” then click Continue at the bottom of the page.

Pag Ibig Fund Online Registration Step 2

3. Enter the code to prove that you are not a robot then click “Proceed”

Pag Ibig Fund Online Registration Step 3

4. Fill up the form that will appear. Make sure that your name, the name of parents, and other info are correct. Just click the Next button to go to the other part of the online forms, which are: Other Info, Address, Contacts, Beneficiaries, Member Category, Emp. History, and Summary

Pag Ibig Fund Online Registration Step 4

5. When you reach the Summary tab or part of the form, you can review your personal details prior to submission to PagIBIG Online Membership Registration. Click Review MDF to review your online registration to PagIBIG Fund.

I highly suggest that you review the information that you entered before clicking the Submit Registration button. You can edit incorrect information by clicking Back. Make sure that all information are correct so as to avoid problems with your PagIBIG Fund account later on.

Pag Ibig Fund Online Registration Step 5

Click Submit Registration button after your review. The Successful Registration page shall indicate that the registration process was completed.

Registering your account using the Pag IBIG Fund Online Registration is quite easy. It’s just 4 steps. I highly recommend that you use it to avoid the hassles and keep your PagIBIG Fund account updated.

I first discovered about the PagIBIG Loyalty Card when I was doing a transaction at a PagIBIG branch in Makati. The brochure says that PagIBIG Loyalty Card can give discounts for medicines, LPG, diesel, and other items from partner establishments.

I’m skeptical at first but I decided to get the PagIBIG Loyalty Card when I read that I could get a 5% discount for medicines from The Generics Pharmacy (TGP). I thought that the TGP discount is very good since I was a regular TGP customer.

PagIBIG Loyalty Card
The Loyalty Card that disappoints.

I was wrong. Until now I haven’t get any discount from The Generics Pharmacy. The salespeople at TGP branches gave the following excuses:

1. “We don’t give PagIBIG Loyalty Card discounts for branded medicines and other non-medicines items for sale in TGP.” 

This is fair and I agree with this reasoning.

2. “We are yet to obtain the computer (or software) that we could use to process your discount”

Well, this is understandable, because most The Generic Pharmacy Branches don’t have a computer to process the receipt. In fact, I can’t remember the time when I received a receipt for the medicines I purchased from TGP. Maybe I should alert the BIR about this.

3. “We only give PagIBIG Loyalty Card discount for medicines with prescription.”

OK. This reason is making me think that The Generics Pharmacy DO NOT want me to avail any discount using my PagIBIG Loyalty Card.

4. “We only give discount for the medicines that will be used by the PagIBIG Loyalty Card holder.”

The TGP vendor asked me “Ikaw ba gagamit ng gamot?” made me so furious. This is the last straw and this made me think of NOT buying any generic medicine from TGP again.

I am not sure if the PagIBIG Loyalty Card is honored by other “partner” establishments but my experiences with The Generics Pharmacy made me doubt PagIBIG’s promises. I felt short changed.

My advice for those who are thinking to avail the PagIBIG Loyalty Card is that they change course. Don’t waste your money. It is better that you try other loyalty cards than the one offered by PagIBIG.