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Product Review: Kuda E-Bike (New Wolf Model)

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My Beloved Wife Lei had been requesting an electric bike (e-bike or ebike) for a very long time. We had visited many ebike shops plenty of times but I still did not buy her any.

So, for her birthday, I brought her to a nearby branch of Kuda Ebike to finally buy her ebike. The ebike model that we chose is the black New Wolf.

Kuda E-bike New Wolf

Kuda New Wolf Specs

Motor: 800w differential safety system motor

Power: 60V 20AH Kuda specialized battery

Tire: 90/90-10 tubeless tire

Speed: 35 to 40 kilometers per hour (KPH)

Range: 60 to 70 kilometers

Load (weight): 260 kilograms

Brake: disc brake (front wheel), big drum brake (back wheels)

With anti-theft remote.

Water proof

Front motorcycle hydraulic shock with 2 center shocks

Our Buying Experience at Kuda

Buying our Kuda New Wolf Ebike is easy. Kuda's staff assisted us and explained to us the specs of their available e-bikes.

There are plenty of Kuda Ebike models to choose from but Lei chose New Wolf because of its sleek design.

How We Paid Our Kuda Ebike

There are two payment options, which are (1) installment, and (2) full cash payment.

We chose to pay fully in cash since we want to get our Kuda E-bike at the lowest possible price. We were allowed to pay 20,000 down payment and pay in full within 7 days without additional fees.

Our Kuda New Wolf E-bike costs 57,000 Pesos

Kuda staff delivered our new e-bike three hours after the purchase. They also delivered the following freebies:

1. Charger

2. Kuda backpack

3. Kuda cap

The Kuda staff did a demo and explained important things about our e-bike. They did not bring any manual so good luck to me recalling the lengthy explanation of that Kuda girl.

Our Kuda E-bike Driving Experience

I was afraid of driving our Kuda New Wolf because I might hit someone or something. Good thing is that driving a Kuda e-bike is easy.

I already drove around the block on the first practice. We were able to drive around the subdivision in the second to third practice. We then went out of the subdivision ang visited a 7-Eleven on the fourth practice.

We then went to church and used the highway a week after buying our e-bike.

Driving Kuda New Wolf is easy as long as I follow traffic rules and stay on the side of the road. I always check the battery status of the e-bike and make sure that it is fully charged before heading out for a long travel.

According to Kuda, the maximum speed of New Wolf is 40 kilometers per hour (KPH). The truth is that its maximum speed is 56 KPH. It slows down when the the battery goes down.

Some Problems with Kuda New Wolf E-bike

I am generally OK with our Kuda New Wolf, however we experienced one technical problem or glitch with it.

One night, while going home from the grocery, our e-bike suddenly stopped responding and sounded its alarm. I turned off the e-bike two or three times but it still did not respond and continued blaring its alarm. We also heard weird sounds from the rear wheels or the motor. 

Our e-bike returned to normal after turning it on-off a few more times.

We were fortunate that we were in the subdivision when this happened because it might end in an accident if we were on the highway.

Positive Comments on Kuda New Wolf E-bike

1. Easy to Drive - Kuda New Wolf is easy to drive. It was so easy that I already drove it along the highway after a week of practice.

2. Long battery life - The farthest distance that out Kuda New Wolf ran is around 20 km. The battery still have 3 bars after that trip. Of course, the battery will degrade in the long run and the distance it can run will decrease.

3. Reasonable payment terms - I only had 20 thousand pesos when we bought pur Kuda New Wolf. They allowed us to pay the remaining amount within 7 days without any additional fee.

4. Tubeless wheels - A screw punctured the back wheel of our Kuda New Wolf. Good thing that its wheels are tubeless. So it was easily repaired in the vulcanizing shop. The vulcanizing guy just removed the screw, sealed the hole, and refilled the wheel with air in less than 15 minutes! The repair would've been longer if our e-bike's is not tubeless.

Negative Comments on Kuda New Wolf

1. No manual - Kuda has no available manual for their e-bikes. I expected that they would give me some manuals, even in digital format. But nada. Small gadgets have manuals but Kuda's e-bikes didn't have any.

2. Sudden malfunction - I mentioned earlier that our Kuda E-bike malfunctioned once. I was dismayed when it happened because we just bought our Kuda in around 1 month. It only happened once and I do hope that it will not happen again.

So that's my review of Kuda New Wolf. I hope that this can guide you when buying an e-bike.

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NOTE: Are you looking for the specs of Kuda Ebike Wolf3 or other Kuda Ebike? Visit my post Kuda Wolf 3 Specs and other Kuda Ebike Specs


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