It seems like there are so many people who have nothing to do but to cause stir trouble. In the midst of the continuing war against the Maute Group in Marawi City, some people chose to spread messages that will cause panic to the Filipino people.

I received this message via Facebook Messenger this morning:

False Message about terror alert in Metro Manila

The message says:

Do not post on your fb wall for security reason.
Please pass to family members and friends
ASAP please.........
This was confirmed by Gen. Bato's staff
Hello everyone in Manila, please stay clear off malls for the time being. We received intelligence of 4 women from Basilan plotting to do suicide bombings in malls in Manila. All malls are on high alert. Thank you.
Pls Pass by personal message only. Not posting on your wall for our security. thanks
Please take this serious, from Red Cross Philippines

I instantly doubted the truthfulness of this message. Thankfully, the Philippine Red Cross has an official message in Twitter denying the veracity of the message.

Official message from Philippine Red Cross about terror alert in Metro Manila

The message is definitely a fake and should not be spread.

There is a possibility that terror groups are the source of this message to sow fear and terror to the Filipino people.

Of course, all of us are still called to be vigilant and contact the police if you see any suspicious persons, objects, or activities.

We Filipinos say "bawal magkasakit" because it is too expensive to be ill. Being admitted to a hospital costs a lot. Even medicines are expensive.

Thus, Landbank and RiteMed joined forces to help Pinoys to get the medicine they need without the high cost.

Introducing Landbank's Tamang Alaga TXTMED. Landbank now gives its clients the most convenient way to get medicines via Mobile application, Electronic order, and Delivery for free or MED.

Tamang Alaga TXTMED is a quick medicine loan for those with payroll account with Landbank through the Landbank Mobile Loan Saver.

This Landbank Salary Loan allows Pinoys to buy medicines even if they don't have cash.

Landbank Salary Loan - Medicine Loan

Landbank clients can enjoy exclusive discounts of up to 20% for all purchases with free delivery to selected government and private offices.

Interested Landbank clients can apply by texting: LOAN to 5363 for Smart/Sun/TNT or 29290657 for other networks.

Visit the Landbank website for more information or you may call the Landbank Customer Care at telephone no. 405-7000.

Jollibee is the best fast food restaurant when it comes to birthday parties. One reason is that their Jolly Spaghetti and Chicken Joy is the favorite of all Filipino. The second and main reason why Jollibee is the best is because of Jollibee – the red and ever-smiling bee.

Many Moms and Dads want their kid to enjoy a Jollibee Kids Party. However, parents are stumped by this question: how much is the Jollibee Party Package?

Well, you came to the right place because we will answer that question, particularly the question “How much is the Jollibee party package for 50 persons?”

Before we start computing the total price of Jollibee Party Package, I will show you some options that you have when booking a Jollibee party. One option is the Party Fee. Jollibee gave us two options:

Jollibee Party Fee

One is the 1,500 Pesos Jollibee Party Fee. The other is 2,000 Pesos Jollibee Party Fee.

Each Jollibee party fee has its own inclusions and freebies. We will talk about these in a future post.

For our computations, let us choose the 1,500 Pesos Jollibee Party Fee.

1,500 Pesos Jollibee Party Fee

Since we are making “tipid”, let us assume that we will not order additional freebies and add-ons.

Jollibee gives us 4 food package options and one “Create Your Own Package” option. Food Package A costs 149 pesos per person. Food Package B costs 198 pesos per person. Food Package C costs 194 pesos per person. Food Package D costs 224 pesos per person.

We will do our computations for each food packages so as to give you good information when planning your Jollibee party.

For the cake, we will choose the medium size cake from Red Ribbon.

Jollibee Party Cake Fee

We will also not request another mascot since Jollibee will already be present during the party.

The total price of Jollibee party package for 50 persons, if you choose Food Package A, will be: 9,850 Pesos.

Jollibee Party Package A for 50 persons

The total price of Jollibee party package for 50 persons, if you choose Food Package B, will be: 12,300 Pesos.

Jollibee Party Package B for 50 persons

The total price of Jollibee party package for 50 persons, if you choose Food Package C, will be: 12,100 Pesos.

Jollibee Party Package C for 50 persons

The total price of Jollibee party package for 50 persons, if you choose Food Package D, will be: 13,600 Pesos.

Jollibee Party Package D for 50 persons

The most expensive Jollibee party package for 50 persons would be Food Package D.

The computation for the Jollibee party was based in the Jollibee Kids Party website. I suggest that you visit the website so you can create your own Jollibee party package that fits your budget.


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Do you want to know how much is your housing loan with the Pag-IBIG Fund? Do you want to make sure if what you’re paying is reflected to your Pag-IBIG Fund account? Do you want answers to these questions but you have no time to go to any Pag-IBIG Fund office?

Well, I have the same problem as yours and I got all the answers by just a few clicks. I checked my Pag-IBIG Loan online.

Follow the following steps to know more about your Pag-IBIG Loan:

Step 1: Go to the Pag-IBIG Fund Online Services website and click on the Housing Loan Payment Verification.

Pag IBIG Loan Online Services

Step 2: Fill-up the necessary details in the “Online Housing Loan Verification” page. You must type-in your Housing Loan (HL) Account No. and your name. You will see your Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Account No. on the billing statement sent to you by Pag-IBIG

Pag IBIG Loan Online

Type-in the Verification Code then click the Proceed button

Step 3: A new page will appear. Just click the Account Summary to see the details of your Pag IBIG Loan like the full loan amount, the outstanding loan balance and other info.

Pag IBIG Loan Online

And that’s it! You can view details of your Pag IBIG Loan in three simple steps.

Other tabs of this page will also allow you to make your billing statement be sent via e-mail.


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