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Tips on DFA Passport Renewal and Application

Philippine Passport

In the old version of this post, I talked about the old process of applying for passport at the Consular Affairs Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). In the old system, passport applicants just walk in the Consular Affairs Office to apply for passport. In the new system, passport applicants need to make an appointment with the Consular Affairs Office before actually going there.

Applying for a passport at the Consular Affairs Office is still quick and easy, as long as you follow the DFA’s application procedures and you are not absentminded. If you need information on how to go to Consular Affairs Office, read my post, How to Go to DFA Office.

Tip # 1: Set an Appointment First

The DFA changed the old system and now requires passport applicants to set an appointment with the Consular Affairs Office first before going to their office. For those who don't know, the Consular Affairs Office transferred their office from the DFA main office in Pasay City to Aseana Business Park in Paranaque City.

The first that you should do is to set up an appointment by filling up the appointment application form in the DFA website. Please read my post, How to Make an Appointment for Philippine Passport Application, for the step-by-step procedure in setting up an appointment with DFA.

Tip # 2: Do visit the DFA Website

The DFA website contains the step by step procedure that you must follow when applying for a passport. For the appointment system, visit the DFA Passport Appointment System website. For the requirements for first time passport applicants, visit DFA’s First Time Applicant page. If you are renewing your passport, visit DFA’s Requirements for Renewal of Passport Page.

For a list of valid IDs, read my post about the list of IDs that are accepted by DFA for passport application.

Just visit DFA’s website and the basic information that you will need for your passport application or renewal is there.

Tip # 3: Beware of Fixers

Even if DFA improved the passport application system, there will always be people who will take advantage of passport applicants. You must avoid these fixers because you do not need them, unless you are planning to submit falsified documents.

Never believe anyone outside DFA and always ignore any fixers. They have many tricks and modus operandi. It is better to ask the guard for information. If the guard pointed you to the fixers, then you can always have him fired by telling the DFA management of his activities with the fixers.

Tip # 4: Bring Enough Money

It is good to make sure that you always have spare money whenever you go to any place. Bringing extra money will make sure that you will never need to go home if the money in your wallet is not enough when applying for the passport.

Tip # 5: Don’t Submit Fake Documents

I have seen one applicant who is submitting a marriage certificate for her passport application. The employee of DFA inspected the document and immediately confiscated it. She said that the marriage certificate that she is submitting is a fake. She threatened that the applicant may be penalized because she is falsifying documents.

It is better not to submit fake documents or else you will be penalized or even be blacklisted by DFA. If you are keen in submitting fake documents, then you must ensure that your fake documents 99.9% resembles the authentic documents.

Tip # 6: Never Be Afraid to Ask Questions

I suggest that you ask questions if you are lost or confused with any of the application procedures. However, you should not just ask anyone. The people that I usually ask for directions and clarifications are the guards inside the DFA. They are more credible because they are easy to recognize and it is hard to impersonate a security guard inside the premises of DFA. Fixers can trick you with fake DFA employee IDs but they can’t wear a guard’s uniform. If the guard does not know the answer to your question, then he will refer you to a legitimate DFA employee. There are also information booths inside DFA that are manned by DFA employees who know the application procedures.

Tip # 7: Call the DFA if You Have Questions

DFA set-up a hotline for passport related inquiries. If something is bothering you about your passport or your passport application, then I suggest that you call Consular Information at telephone number (632) 556-0000. You can only contact them from 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday to Friday.

These are some of the many tips when applying for a passport in the Philippines. Be alert and always be on a look-out of possible tricks from fixers. Follow these tips and your passport application will flow smoothly.


  1. I've read this post several times before and now I'm reading it again cause my boyfriend and I will be going to DFA this week to apply for a passport. lol. Thanks for the tips! :)

  2. You are welcome Mariel.

    I am glad that I've helped you. :-)

  3. Hi if both my parents are gov't employees, can I just bring their gov't ids plus my birth cert or letter saying I am their legitimate daughter to avail of the courtesy lane? Both my parents are currently out of town and I need to renew my old green passport because it got wet and I have a flight next week so I need to avail of the courtesy

    Thank you.

  4. Happy Sunday Kimberly.

    Sorry for my very late reply.

    I do not know the actual procedure in using the courtesy lane if you are a child of government employees.

    For your situation, I believe that bringing an authorization letter from them will be helpful. Bringing their government Id's will help in proving that your parents are indeed government employees.

    The best evidence that you could use as a proof that you are their daughter is your birth certificate because it contains the name of your parents.

    So in your case, I think you should bring their government ID, an authorization letter, and your birth certificate.

    Hope this helps.

  5. hello,

    i have several questions regarding the application of Phil passport.

    this coming wednesday (july 14, 2010) i have an appoint with the DFA for the new passport application.

    as stated on their website, valid IDs are needed and the only ID i have at present is the postal ID, BIR TIN ID, philhealth, driver's student permit from LTO and my school ID (but i already graduated last year, though i have my OTR,) and aside from these IDs i have supporting document available such as the NBI clearance.

    do you think they are going to process my application?

  6. Hello Chloe,

    I think they will process your application. You already have plenty of government issued IDs and all government issued IDs are valid IDs. When I applied for a passport, I brought my government employee ID and my PRC ID.

    I guess, you could use any of the IDs that you have. Just don't use your school ID because it is already expired. BIR TIN ID, Philhealth, LTO, and Postal ID would be fine. For safety's sake, I think you should bring all of those IDs.

    Just do not forget all the other requirements. And never be tricked by fixers.

    God bless your application.

  7. Hi,
    i just want to ask if dfa would allow me to go out of the country with my green passport that got wet but all the details are still clear. But i'm having doubts about my picture, my face is still clear and visible including my ears only little parts in the left side of the hair down to the clothes are somewhat blurry. will the immigration question me? my flight will be two weeks from now. please reply to me asap. thanks.

  8. Hi Anon,

    I haven't encounter such situation wherein the passport got wet.

    If the picture is still clear, like what you said, then I believe that it is still OK and the DFA will still allow you to go out of the country.

    But like what I just said, I haven't encountered such situation so I am not that sure. I think you should contact the DFA to clarify your dilemma.

  9. I just want to ask if TIN ID and driver's license is enough for the valid id's that they need & nbi clearance & birth cert as supporting docs???Is my passport will be process??

    Hpoe you help me...


  10. Hello Nancy,

    TIN ID and Driver's License are both issued by the government so I believe that those two IDs are valid and will be accepted by the DFA.

    If you have NBI clearance and Birth Certificate, then I suggest that you also bring them. There is no harm bringing them to the DFA, right?

    For more questions, I suggest that you call DFA hotline at telephone number (632) 556-0000.

  11. Hi!

    I've read you blog and really helpful! Just had my passport application processed. Although, my question is with my friend who didn't got her passport application approved and worse the birth certificate she had was said to be tampered thus it was confiscated. Can she still apply for a new passport after she corrects her birth certificate which she said she didn't know was tampered since it was her aunt who requested the copies to nso. Is it still possible for her to get a passport once she corrects her documents? Hope you would be able to help her. Thanks!

  12. Good day Anon

    First of all, your friend should ask her aunt where she got the birth certificate. Did she got it from the NSO office. If the aunt followed the correct process of obtaining the birth certificate, then the aunt is not at fault.

    Since the birth certificate was confiscated, your friend has no other choice but to get another birth certificate from the NSO.

    What did the DFA clerk said when your friend's birth certificate was confiscated? Did she told her that she can't apply for a passport anymore?

    I think that your friend can still apply for a passport. In the event that I posted about, the lady's marriage certificate was confiscated and she was told to get the true marriage certificate before she can apply for a passport. This means that the old lady can still apply and her name was not blacklisted.

    Hope your friend get her problem solved. God bless you.

  13. Hi again!

    Thank you so much for your response.

    The DFA advised her that until she stops submitting tampered/fake documents she will not get a passport and was threatened that the next time she submits a tampered document she'll be sued. Well I guess my friend is at fault somehow coz she had her auntie get her birth certificate which has errors in the spelling of her name corrected. I guess her auntie used a fixer for the birth certificate.

    Now, she's going through the whole process of correcting the spelling of her name the legal way. But after correcting her birth certificate, she would still be able to apply for a passport right? We're worried coz we're suppose to go to a training together.

  14. Welcome back Anon

    Oh! So the problem is that the name that she is currently using is different from the name written on her birth certificate. That is indeed a big problem and she really need to fix it the legal way. That is the only way to fix it.

    I believe that your friend was just given a warning. That is based on what the DFA told your friend. If the next time she submits another tampered document then she may be blacklisted or face legal sanctions. I believe that your friend can still get her passport once her birth certificate is fixed.

    The next time that she returns to DFA, I suggest that aside from bringin her birth certificate, she should also bring supporting documents like the legal documents pertaining to the changing of her name on her birth certificate.

    God bless to your friend. Hope she get her passport on be with you in your training.

  15. hello po, ma'aam ask ko lang po kasi my birth certificate is having a trouble instead na female -male ang nakalagay dito, but eventually i need to apply a passport, i-allow po kaya nila na yung BC ko ay male ang gender.please po reply..thanks

  16. Hello Dhee.

    Hindi tatanggapin ng DFA yung birth certificate mo na mali yung sex (gender) na nakasulat.

    Kung female ka, dapat female din ang nakalagay duon. Mas mabuti na kumuha ka ng kopya ng birth certificate mo sa National Statistics Office (NSO) at sabihin mo na may mali sa birth certificate mo.

    To request for your NSO birth certificate, please visit my article about Teleserv birth certificate delivery.

  17. Thank you po... I just read this now... a while ago i commented on your facebook status.. I-entertain po kayo ako ng NSO about my problem?

  18. Dhee

    It is their job to help people regarding their birth certificate problems kaya tutulungan ka ng mga taga-NSO.

  19. hi there,

    ill just ask what if I only have a TIN id, company id and school id (but i already graduated last year). do you think they will process my application?? im planning to bring my TOR as a supporting document.thank you.

  20. Good morning Anonymous

    Here are the requirements for first time passport applicants:

    1. Duly accomplished application form.

    2. NSO birth certificate.

    3. Proof of identity / Supporting documents indicating full name, date and place of birth and citizenship.

    Kung mga IDs and TOR lang ang meron ka then hindi ka papayagan na makakuha ng passport. I suggest that you get all the requirements first then call the DFA Appointment Hotline (02) 737-1000 para makapagpa-schedule ka.

  21. Hello!
    This is Gerry, i have to ask because i'm planning to apply a passport but i have only one goverment ID which is the BIR/TIN ID and i have also here Postal ID,PHILhealth ID but i'm heared this are not consider a valid ID in DFA but my supporting documents are okay i have now NSO birth certificate,TOR(transcript of record),NBI,E-1 Form from SSS.
    Do you think the DFA will process my application?
    Thank you! I really appreciate your reply..

  22. Hello Gerry

    According to DFA website, they also accept Employment or Company ID, Old school ID and Alumni ID.

    Please visit this link:

    It has the comprehensive list of acceptable IDs for passport application.

  23. hi..gud eve..ask ko lang po if magkkproblema ba sa pagprocess ng passport ko..if mali ung spelling ng surname ng mother birth certfcate ko kasi nkalagay is DEBURDE then sa marriage certificate ko DEBORDE..pero DEBORDE po tlga ang tama..sna po msagot nyu tong tanong ko..salamat..:)

  24. Dear Ms. Deborde

    Ibig sabihin po n'yan ay conflict ang marriage contract ninyo sa birth certificate ninyo. I think na magiging problem ito kapag nag-apply kayo ng passport lalo na kung ang matapat na staff sa iyo ay yung mabusisi.

    Mas mabuti na ipaayos niyo muna yung iyong birth certificate or marriage contract para hindi na sila mag-conflict. Kung malinaw na clerical error ang nakalagay sa birth certificate ay madaling ipaayos yan sa NSO.

  25. I super badly need your help. I only have my employee ID, birthcert, cedula, voters, nbi, ITR 2011. do you think it will be processed?

  26. Anonymous

    Don't you have other IDs? If none then you need at least three supporting documents.

    You already have two, which are the voter's ID and the NBI clearance. You need another supporting document.

    You can check the list here:

    Unfortunately, Employee ID is not accepted as valid ID when applying for a passport.

  27. hi good afternoon po considered po bang valid ang student drivers license para sa pagkuha ng passport mraming salamat po

  28. Anonymous

    Student driver's license is also a driver's license so I think that is acceptable for the passport application.

  29. Hello po! Good afternoon ask lang po bakit hindi pwede mabigyan ako ng passport last time po na pumunta ako ng dfa sabi nila na ask ko ang civil registral na mag kuha daw ako ng original copy doon. And now nakuha kuna hindi parin pwede dahil blurrykc yung gender ko na sa nso ko po .... Dapat kukuha daw uli ako ng new nso record na clear and i did ganunparin ang nasa nso hindi parin ma klaru sa gender ko na nakalagay na male or female , pero sa civil registral ko po ay klaru na babae po at hindi parin pwede pls help me po...thank u

  30. Anonymous

    Strikto talaga ang DFA.

    Ang maganda mong gawin ay bumalik ka sa NSO at sabihin mo sa kanila na bigyan ka ng malinaw na kopya ng iyong birth certificate. Ipaliwanag mo na ayaw tanggapin ng DFA yung birth certificate mo dahil malabo yung sa sex.

    Dapat nilang ayusin yan kasi sa NSO naman ang may mali.

    Ipakita mo sa NSO yung birth certificate mo from civil registrar bilang proof ng kasarian mo.

  31. Hi,

    I got my passport about a week ago. Due to the fact the DFA is having an issue in releasing passport on time and i badly need it for aus visa application, i asked assistance from someone who can expedite the release of my passport way ahead before the stamped release date on my receipt. I got so lucky to pick it up in dfa sm mla the same day i contacted the person but i'm worried with its authenticity. Is there a way for me to verify if the passport is authentic prior to my departure which is a week from now to avoid all the hassles? I tried calling the office of the consular affairs but all i get is an answering machine. Or if you may, have you ever heard if there's a fake machine readable passport?

    I hope to hear from you.


  32. Anonymous

    How much did you pay for your passport? I am not sure if what you're holding is real or not because I can't see it.

    You can verify it by going to DFA to have it checked.

    Is there a fake machine readable passport? The answer is yes and sometimes are caught when they are already at the airport. Be careful.

  33. I had my appearance in dfa and just contacted the person for early release. The picture taken during the data capture was the same picture when i got the passport. All details i provided in dfa during the application process were correct even have my signature printed on it. My only issue is the picture. It was so dark and it looks like there's no flash. I just cant remember kung wala nga tlagang flash when the picture was taken. As for how much I paid, its 5k.

  34. Anonymous

    Ah. Looks like the passport that you got is legitimate based on your description of what happened.

    Is the photo too dark that your face is not recognizable? If not then I think your passport is OK.

  35. It's recognizable kaya lng mukha lng tlagang walang flash. The sun and the philippine seal printed on it medyo natakpan 1/4 ng mukha ko but looks ok kc transparent nmn.

    Thanks for your responses. Ill still have check with dfa before i leave to avoid any inconveniences at the airport. Appreciate your thoughts..

  36. You are welcome Anonymous.

    God bless you.

  37. Hi good evening sir'
    Ask ko lang if pwede ntong mga documents ko voter's id nbi clearance police clearance and baranggay clearance of course birth feb.22 na po appoinyment ko.

  38. MJ

    Ok na yang NBI clearance, police clearance at voter's ID as your supporting documents sa pag-apply ng passport.

    Dun naman sa birth certificate, make sure na mula sa NSO yung birth certificate ha. Yun kasi ang tinatanggap.

    Please visiti these links for info:

    1.List of requirements -

    2. List of acceptable IDs -

    1. Yes sir i really make sure for that...salamat sa paalala.actually noon p sana ako kumuha ng passport pero ndiscover ko n mispelled pala name ko sa live of birth ko so nagfile ako ng petition for correction last 2009 it tooks very long if you dont have enough money but now thanks God okay na last aug.2012 nakuha ko na from nso east avenue..

  39. Thank you so much sir sa pagreply ng messages ko.happy valentines and God bless you always..

  40. hi, ano po ba requirement para makakuha ng passport if may problem ka sa gender mo?

  41. Anonymous

    Anong klaseng problema sa sex yan? Mali ba yung nakalagay sa NSO? Kung yun ang problema eh ipaayos mo muna sa NSO yung mali bago ka mag-apply ng passport.

  42. hi. ask ko lng if mapa process ung passport ko if philhealth id, bir id, and company id ung mga available id's ko? i have my nso birth certificate naman and sss e1 form.

    thanks al lot, ;)

  43. Cindy

    Kung Digitized BIR ID yang hawak mo ay ma-process yang passport mo, basta ba kumpleto ka sa ibang requirements.

  44. Goodevening sir.

    next week is my appointment in dfa and since i am just a student i only got birth certificate, student id, form 137 and barangay clearance. matatangap ba ko for the application? thanks and godbless!

  45. Janine

    Is your ID a College ID? If it is then your passport can be processed. Just make sure that you have the other documents.

    Here are the other requirements that you must have:

    1. Confirmed appointment from DFA.
    2. Duly-accomplished application form.
    3. NSO issued birth certificate.
    4. ID.

    If you are below 18 years old, you also need to accompanied by your parents during the application.

    Please visit this link for more info:

  46. hi good evening to all of you... ..just saw this thread while browsing on google about dfa.. di kasi talaga ko mapakali regarding sa valid id's na yan (sobrang higpit kasi)..
    ask ko lang if maprocess kya application ko with this list of my requirements... (self employed po ako since birth so wla tlga ko time before pra kmuha gov't id's)
    eto po list ng hawak ko... (original with photocopy already)
    *voter's id
    *barangay id
    *postal id
    *elementary id (way back 99)
    *yellow card id (medical card for makati residences)
    *SSS E1 Form (2011)
    *Voter's Aff (2009)
    *NBI Clearance (Yellow2009,Green2013)
    *Barangay Clearance
    *Community Tax Certificate
    *NSO Birth Certificate
    (if needed, may backup po ako na birth certificate and baptismal record ng kaisa-isa kong anak she's 1 year old)
    medyo nakakatawa pero dadalin ko na rin epassport ng nanay ko, copy ng titolo ng lupa namin sa makati, Circa ID's ng lolo ko and even previous receipts sa mga binili ko na gamit... meron din ako nursery,kinder and elementary grading card.. dadalin ko naman po lahat pero ask ko lng if i-accept kya nila? my appointment is on March 16 2013...

  47. wla na ksi ako high school id.. and never ako nag college... pero nag takeup ako ng 2 course sa tesda autocad and computer servicing...unfortunately d nmn kmi inissuhan ng id sa autocad and absent ako nung araw na for id sa computer servicing..but i have my certificate of registration at university of makati (MTPLC-TESDA) with autocad as a new student and computer servicing as old student...feel free to reply nlng po regarding with my aces hehe salamat

  48. Salvador

    Good day! Sa mga inilista mong IDs and documents, sa tingin ko ang tatanggapin ng DFA ay:

    1. voter's id
    2. Barangay id
    3. NBI Clearance(Green 2013)
    4. Barangay Clearance

    Pakidala mo lang ang lahat nang iyan pagpunta mo sa DFA. Yung NSO Birth Certificate ay dapat mo ding dalhin pati yung appointment slip mula sa DFA.

    Huwag mo nang dalhin yung titulo ng lupa at baka mawala pa iyan pagpunta mo sa DFA. Wag mo na ring dalhin yung mga school ID mo.

    God bless sa iyo. Nawa'y makuha mo agad yung passport mo.

  49. maraming salamat po sa pagsagot..nakakatuwa naman d2 at active pa rin kyo hehe...
    update ko po kyo agad right after ng appointment ko on dfa aseana this coming saturday morning 9am.. sana mapagbigyan...d nmn ako mgpapasarap sa kapatid ko sa ibang bansa..mgttrabaho rin ako para makabawi naman sa mga magulang ko na sumuporta skn khit na 25 na ko andyan pa rin cla ok lng sknila kht d ako ngtrabaho.hayyy...dbale may awa nmn si Lord..thanks po ulit

  50. Walang anuman Salvador. Maswerte ka at online ako ngayon at nasagot ko agad ang tanong mo. Minsan kasi nasa byahe ako.

    Ingat ka na lang. God bless sa iyo.

  51. oo nga po eh. maraming salamat po ulit. sinabi naman po sakin ng barangay captain namin dito sa makati na tinatanggap daw sa dfa ung brgy id which is my hand written signature nya. good luck and god bless po stin lhat

  52. Hi! I saw this thread while I was browsing for some forums to help me on my problem with getting a passport. I am a minor and I have troubles getting a passport because my parents are not married. If I'm traveling with my mother only, required pa po ba ang marriage certificate? And one more thing po, yung name kasi ng mother ko sa birth certificate ko bears the surname of my father so I think it will be another conflict. What do you suggest po na gawin for this matter? Thank you.

  53. Anonymous

    You are considered a illegitimate child since your parents are not married. This means that it is OK for you not to submit their marriage certificate.

    Tungkol naman dun sa birth certificate mo ay hindi ako sigurado kung ano ang gagawin ng clerk ng DFA. One possibility is baka hindi tanggapin yung birth certificate mo dahil mali yung pangalan ng nanay mo.

    Do you already have an appointment? Sa tingin ko subukan mo munang pumunta ng DFA. Kapag tinanggap yung birth certificate mo e di walang problema. If not then you have to go to NSO to fix the name of your mother.

    Kung gusto mong sigurado at hindi na pabalik-balik ay dumiretso ka na muna sa NSO para ipaayos yung pangalan ng nanay mo bago ka pumunta ng DFA.

  54. good afternoon po ako po c salvador yung ngttnong last time hehe... ok na po passport application ko last March 16, 2013 (saturday)
    eto po dinala ko..
    IDS: postal,voter's,brgy id,mkati health plus id, mkti volunteer id,elementary id.
    (ang tinanggap lng sa dinala ko ay NSO,NBI CLEARANCE2009 ISSUE, VOTER'S ID,MKATI HEALTH PLUS ID,VOLUNTEER AND ELEM ID. ok lng cguro sknila if wla ka gov't issued id such as sss and driver's as long na may iba kang id...knkbhan nga ko kse kala ko d ttnggapin...buti nlng hehe march 25 release ng passport ko and pinadeliver ko nlng through lbc.. most important is (appointment + nso + valid id's) may ksabay ako pnauwi nila kse photocopy lng nso at ung isa wla appointment kse may verification counter cla ng printed application form mo sa bar code..cympre pati pagsagot mo dpat maayos wag arogante..kse pahihirapan ka tlga nila cguro...thanks thanks thanks! mkakaalis na rinhehehe =)

  55. Congratulations Salvador. Buti at makukuha mo na passport mo. Maraming salamat sa feedback ha. God bless you.

  56. hello nako di ako mapakali sa dadalhin sa dfa. meron nako
    nbi clearance, baptismal, sss e1-form, brgy. clearance, police clearance, phil health card, nso birth cert. ok na po kaya yan?

  57. Anonymous

    OK na po yung mga dokumento na meron kayo. Tatanggapin ng DFA ang inyong NBI clearance, SSS e1-form, brgy. clearance, police clearance. Importante din yung NSO birth cert. kaya wag po ninyong iwan iyan.

  58. goodmorning sa lahat

    nag aalala po ako kung makakakuha na po ba ako ng passport sa mga requirements na meron na po ako ngayon! nso, voter's id, baranggay clearance, high school form 137, 2 pcs old employment id na wala pong issued and validity date. sana masagot nyo po agad ako kailangan ko na po kasi ng passport salamat po...

  59. Josua

    NSO certificate ba 'yung tinutukoy mo? OK na yang mga documents mo. Tatanggapin na iyan ng DFA.

    Pero mas maganda sana kung meron ka pang ibang ID na issued ng gobyerno.

  60. Gandang araw po.. I was worried baka d ako makakuha nga passport.. D kc ako nakapagtapos ng high school kaya may mga requirments na d ako maka provide. Do you think is it possible? Self employe kc ako since before I only have brgy I'd and voters I'd and postal Id meron din aq nbi this year na green at nso.

  61. I'm planning kc to have a vacation in other country.. Pero yon po yong problema ko po na may mga list of suporting documents na d q lahat ma provide.. Tnx po

  62. Anonymous

    Sa tingin ko tatanggapin na yang voter's ID, NBI at Baranggay ID mo. Wag mo din kalimutan yung NSO mo.

  63. im worried ndi ko macancel ung appointment ko through dfa online today 2pm appointment ko sa dfa incomplete requirement ko mrami p kulng.ano po dapat ko gawin pra mcancel sya today?ppontahn ko nlng b mismo sa dfa office pra macancel ko appointment..pls help me nman ..thank you..

  64. hello po. nakipag transaction po ako sa isang fixers and nagsisisi po ako kc first time ko po kukuha ng passport. nag bigay po ako 10k sakanya and kasama doon mga papers and credentials ko po. ngayon hindi ko pa po makuha passport ko dhil hindi daw na approve ng dfa. ngayon kinukuha ko na mga papers ko sakanya sabi nya kailangan nya daw ng extra pay kc pagpina cancel daw ma sasama po ako sa block list ng dfa isa there any chance na totoo po ba yun ? i hope masagot po tanong ko.

  65. Anonymous

    Naku. Hindi mo na maka-cancel 'yang appointment mo. Pwede ka lang mag-cancel ng appointment kapag 5 working days or earlier bago yung appointment mo.


    Sa tingin ko niloloko ka lang ng fixer na 'yan at gusto lang n'yan na makakuha pa ng pera sa iyo. Alukin mo ng pera yan at malamang na ibigay sa iyo yung mga dokumento mo.

    Hindi totoo yung panakot niya na i-blacklist ka.

    Magandang gawin mo ay ipahuli mo yang fixer na 'yan.

  66. hi che ng antipolo..
    d po ako mpakali sa mga requirements ko ask ko lang kung approved sa dfa ang mga ito..
    *valid i.d's
    -company i.d (full name lang meron cia)
    -tin# (pero dpo cia digitized)
    *supporting documents
    -brgy. clearance
    -nso birth cert
    pede nb mga yan.. tnx po

  67. *valid i.d's
    -postal i.d
    -company i.d (full name lang nkalagay)
    -tin (hnd cia digitized)
    *supporting documents
    -nso birth cert.
    -brgy. clearance
    okei npo b mga yan? sana msagot nio po ako salamat po worried lang po ako sa mga requirements n dadalhn ko..

  68. Che

    Sa tingin ko acceptable nayang mga IDs and documents na hawak mo. Pwede mo nang dalhin yan sa DFA para sa iyong passport application.

  69. hello po balak ko din kumuha passport kaso wala po ako valid na id, postal id lang. Never pa kc me nag work at never pa din bumoto kaya wala ako goverment ids at voters id. pero meron ako old higschool id year 2004 pa yun, meron na din me, nbi, police clearance, brgy clearance, baptismal cert, cedula, birth certificate authenticated by nso, form 137 nung elementary. Pwede na po ba mga ito? Pls reply po. Thanks

  70. Anonymous

    Pwede ka nang mag-apply ng passport dahil mayroon ka namang NBI, police clearance, at brgy clearance.

  71. salamat po kuya :)

  72. Hi!
    Ang name po ng mother ko sa birth certificate nya ay iba sa mga ids nya (short version of her real name). Nagpagawa po sya ng affidavit of one and the same person para i present sa dfa kasama ng mga ids nya. If gagamitin po ng mother ko ung name sa bc nya, kailangan pa po bang ipa correct sa civil registrar or hindi na? Thanks

  73. Hi Everyone, need ko lang po ng advise. eed ko kasi magprocess ng passport asap ang problem ko po last saturday nadukot ang wallet ko kasama lahat ng IDs ko ang natitira lang sa akin ay ang sumusunod:

    *NSO Birth Certificate
    *Valid LTO Student License
    *SSS E-1 Form
    *School Year Book
    *Brgy Clearance
    *Elementary and HighSchool ID
    *Baptismal Certificate

    Having this makakapagapply na po kaya ako ng passport.

    Maraming salamat po.


  74. sure po kaya na makakakuha ng passport kahit walang valid id's? Puro supporting documents lang pwede na kaya?

  75. Gab

    Valid ID yung LTO driver's license kaya pwede kang mag-apply ng passport gamit yun.

  76. Anonymous

    Kung yung pangnalan niya sa Birth Certificate ang gagamitin niya ay mas maganda na ang baguhin na lang ay yung nakalagay na pangalan sa ID niya. Mas madaling baguhin yun kaysa sa yung birth certificate ang baguhin.

  77. Anonymous

    Yes. Kahit supporting documenta lang ay makakakuha ka ng passport. Basta tatlo o mahigit pa ang dala mong mga supporting documents.

  78. Hi,really worried tlga about the passport requirements.bukas n kasi appt.ko hope u can reply asap.
    i just have a Nso,ctc of birthcert,postal id,police clearance,tor at community tax cert..ok na b un?
    ska meroN dn aq lumang police clearance at community tax cert last yr,dadalhin ko pa va un?pls reply asap .

  79. ok po. Ok lang kaya na walang photos yung police at brgy clearance ? Kc i heard na yung ibang lugar may photos na daw yung police at brgy clerance nila. Dito kasi samin wala pa. Uhm saka balak ko dalhin na rin yung cenomar ko from nso. Pwede rin kaya un show as proof of identity?

  80. hi po ask ko lang po kung ok na po ba yung postal id, tin id, nso, birth certificate, at form 137.

    thank you po

  81. Althea

    Yung TIN ID ba ay yung Digitized BIR ID? Kung yun nga yun ay pwede mo nang gamitin yan as valid ID kapag kukuha ka ng passport.

  82. Hi,may ask lang po ako i live here in kingman Az.ako po at ang aking dalawang anak ay magbabakasyon this coming 10th of June..ang akin pong katanongan yung passport po ng aking anak na 17yrs old nakalagay po sa yr of birth ay 1986 na dapat po ay 1996,pwede ko po ba ayosin sa pilipinas kung kami ay nandoon na?may 10yrs green card na po ang anak ko dito..salamat po

  83. hello delayed po ba talaga ang releasing ng mga passport ngayon? :( release po kasi ng passport ko ngayon kaso may nagtxt sakin thru chikka from dfa saying that my passport schedule to be release on may 24 is not yet available for collection due to technical problem. Ano po ibig sabihin nito at ano kaya tlga ang problem? Matatagalan po kaya ang delay? Kailangan2 ko na kc passport ko, pina express ko pa naman yun tpos delay lang. Sayang lang yung 300 na dinagdag ko tpos pa lbc pa ! :(

  84. Anonymous May 24, 2013 at 4:28 AM

    Pwede n'yo naman pong ipaayos yan sa DFA. Tawagan n'yo po ang DFA upang alamin ninyo kung ano ang dapat ninyong gawin. Heto po ang telephone number nila: 834-4000

    Anonymous May 24, 2013 at 11:50 AM

    Nangyayari po talaga yung mga delay na yan kapag nagkaproblema sa DFA. Ang magandang gawin ninyo ay i-verify ninyo sa DFA kung totoo yung text message sa inyo. Baka may nanloloko lang pala.

  85. wala po kasi nagrereply sa txt ko tapos di rin sila nasagot sa tawag... :/ matagal po kaya ang delay? :(

  86. Anonymous

    Depende na lang po iyan sa kung ano po yung dahilan ng delay. Yung DFA lang po talaga makasasagot niyan.

  87. Good pm po ask ko lang po kung pwd na ung mga papers q hawak pagkuha ng passport.
    3.baranggay& police clearance
    4.e1 form number
    Ang id q lang po is postal id. Wala na po akung ibang valid id..pero tanung q na rin po kung pwd na ung student license.

  88. Anonymous

    Acceptable naman sa tingin ko yung student driver's license. Pero kung di tanggapin yan ay dapat dala mo ang iyong NBI, police at barangay clearances.

    Dapat meron ka ring NSO-certified birth certificate.

  89. Hello po... Gud day! Happy to see this page... May probs po yon nso birth ng tatay ko, instead of Ildefonso ay Ildefonzo ung nasa nso, now kukuha sana xa ng passport at ngaun lng xa naka try kumuha nung nso birth so ngaun nya lng nlaman ung mali, pumunta xa both sa lcr at nso ang advise saknya is to secure petition form sa lcr at eattached nlng dw un pg kukuha xa ngpassport, wud that be ok? Thanx!

  90. Hello po.. kakaagrad ko lang ngayon year
    Need ko kumuha ng passport

    Sa site ng dfa
    Sabi kahit old college id( eto lang kasi meron ako since kakagrad. Ko lang at di pa ko botante(voter's id)

    Kaso yung college id ko 4 years kong ginamit di kasi uso renewal ng id luma na..yung pic ko medyo fade na at putol ang id sa gitna...pero other indo like name adress malinaw naman, putol lang sya at medyo fade yung pics

    Maaacept kaya nila toh?

    Though meron naman akong..
    *police clearance
    *barrangay clearance
    *barrangay id
    *nbi clearance

    Pwede na kaya toh? Wew kinakabahan kasi ako baka ma reject...

    Salamat poh sa sasagot :)
    Napaka helpful ng threas nyo :)

  91. Francis

    Malamang na hindi na tanggapin yung Old College ID mo kasi faded na at sira.

    Dalhin mo na lang yung ibang documents na nasa listahan mo at yun na lang ang gamitin mo.

    Thank you. Iam glad na natulungan ka ng blog post na ito. :-)

  92. Dani ko typo..hehe

    Salamat poh

    Kahit wala ka palang valid id basta mag dala ka ng at least 3 or more supporting documents, ay tatanggapin nila, sa kaso ko...

    Dinala ko ang:
    -barrangay clearance
    -police cleearance
    -nbi clearance
    -yearbook ko nung highschool

    Ok naman poh..buti tinanggap nila

    Salamat poh dito :)

  93. Pwefe pong mag tanong? Appointment ko na poh sa friday

    Kaso may mali sa form ko? Bale tatlo? Yung birthplace,province at apelyido ng nanay ko...

    Mag paparesched ba uilit ko kung may mali sa form? Lasi kung i kakansel ko ubos na slot for this week...need ko pa naman mag habol?


    May nabasa ako.. na put asterisk na lang daw at baguhin sabay pirmahan... tama poh ba? Para di na ko mag pa resched..

    Salamat po sa sasagot

  94. Anonymous

    Malaki po ang posibilidad na hindi po tanggapin yang document mo na may mali lalo na kung NSO birth certificate. Pwede mo pong puntahan yung DFA sa byernes para malaman mo kung tatanggapin nga nila.

  95. Sir wala naman po mali sa ibibigay kong documento(nso), ang mali poh yung na fill up ko na form sa dfa, may mga mistake akong naisulat...tatlo lang naman. So paano kaya yun papayagan kaya nila akong baguhin lang ng konti sa form na na fill up ko, o hintayin ko na lang ang araw ng appointment ko at dun ko na lang ipapabago..

    God bless poh

  96. Anonnymous

    Sa tingin ko naman po ay papayagan kayo ng DFA na ipago ang mga info ninyo sa form kapag ipinasa na ninyo sa appointment date ninyo.

  97. hello po..good day ask ko lang po yung fren ko nakakuha ng passport before and then nung magkuha sya ng nso record lumabas iba po real name nya..pwede po ba sya kumuha ng new passport using her nso record with out be question at wala po bang problem duon ?paki sagot po tanong ko..tnx

  98. Anonymous

    Siguradong magtatanong yung DFA tungkol sa naiba niyang pangalan sa NSO birth certificate. Asahan n'yo na po 'yan.

  99. hi.,my parents will get a passport but i got a prob with their marriage contract,coz my mom bday der is wrong,would it be a big problem? and also my father is late registry,n im afraid if i get it in nso on time,hold long actually before i can get a copy of it,,thanks

  100. Gedanke

    I believe that the wrong birth date on the NSO marriage certificate. You problem will be about the NSO birth certificate of your father.

  101. may itatanong lng po ako tungkol sa change na passport ng pinsan ko,kumuha kc pinsan ko ng change name na passport last May 2012, kaso gusto ng pinsan ko gagamitin na nya tunay na pangalan kukuha sya ng passport, di kaya mag kakaproblema sya sa DFA nun.tnx in advance po

  102. Anonymous

    Posibleng magkaproblema nga siya with the DFA kasi pabago-bago ang pangala na gusto niyang gamitin.

    Dapat mag-decide na suya kung ano talaga ang gusto niyang gamitin na pangalan then magtanong siya sa DFA kung ano ang dapat niyang gawin.

  103. di kaya ma dedetetct na gumamit sya ng ibang pangalan, dba may finger print na sa

  104. Anonymous

    Posibleng ma-detect. Posible ring hindi.

    Ang masasabi ko lang ay ayusin na lang niya yung discrepancy sa pangalan niya para hindi na siya magkaproblema pa sa hinaharap.

  105. Hi. So I've applied for a new passport but I've missed the date of release (less than a week ago).

    Is there any extra/penalty fee that I need to pay in order to get my passport? Thanks.

  106. dba ako mag kakaso kung 2 kinuha ko passport, bali kamag anak ko rin ung kinuhanan ko ng name, alam din nya na gagamitin ko name nya, paanp kya ggwin ko gusto ko na kasing i renew ung talagang passport ko, pls help

  107. Anonymous August 9, 2013 at 7:28 PM

    There will be no penalty if you missed the date of release. You can still get your passport.

    Anonymous August 10, 2013 at 5:30 PM

    Hindi ko po alam yung specifics ng sitwasyon mo pero talagang pwedeng kang ipakulong ng DFA sa ginawa mo. Falsification po kasi yan.

  108. hi po nababasa q po ung mga comments about sa pgkuha ng prob din po xe aq meron po aq postal id lang,sa mga documents,nbi,nso,police clearance,cedula ,sss e-1 ok na ba yan pra mkakuha ng passport?tnx po then reply po...

  109. Anonymous

    Tatanggapin po ng DFA yung NBI clearance, Police clearance, cedula at SSS E-1.

    Wag mo ring kalimutang dalhin yung NSO birth certificate mo.

  110. College ID
    alumni highschool ID
    baptismal cert.
    nso birth cert.

    Enough na po ba to?

  111. hello po ask ko lang po makakakuha po kaya ako ng passport kong ang meron lang ako ay

    postal id
    police clearance id

    police clearance
    nso birth certificate
    sss e1 form

    pls pkisagot po kasi po sa aug 28 na po ang apoointment ko sa dfa. thanks and god bless.

  112. xynel

    hello po! ask lng po ako my passport got wet dahil po sa baha. hindi na po masyado klaro ung mukha ko so i assumed kailangan akong kumuha ulit. paano po ang pag apply? kailangan pa din bang mag pa set ng appointment? hahanapan po ba din nila ako ng mga supporting documents..basa din po ksi..i have my NSO birth certificate den ID's..ok na po ba un? thank you!

  113. Anonymous

    Sa tingin ko ay OK nayang college ID and NSO birth certificate.


    I already sent the answer to your email address.


    I think the case of damaged passport is applicable to your situation.

    Kailangan mo din mag-set ng appointment. Please visit this link for details:

  114. Hi po. good pm.. Ask ko lang po kung magiging problema po ba yung conflict sa birth certificate ko at marriage contract. I am trying to set an appointment thru online sa DFA. need fill up yung fathers middle name. deceased na po ang father q since 2006. Sa birth cert ko po middle initial lng ang nakalagay which is "E". Pero sa marriage contract ko po "I". Even s SENOMAR I din po. pano po yun? ano po ilalagay ko sa middle name section? Nacoconfuse kc ako since sa middle ninitial conflict na.

    thanks po. God bless... :)

  115. Joy

    Komplikado yang sitwasyon mo. I think na mas mabuting yung E na nakasulat sa birth certificate mo na lang ang gamitin mo.

    1. Thanks po. Advsble p kaya pagawa aq affidavit nung E at I s fathers name q ay iisa po? Majority po ang advse nga dn po skn ay E ang gamitin since deceased n daw po father q d n mxdo mgging problema?

  116. Hi! gusto ko lang i ask if hindi na talaga pwede yung courtesy lane for may gov't employees na parents? may nabasa kasi ako na news about dun eh

  117. hello poh..i just want to ask if ta2nggapin po kea ng DFA ung documents qoh kasi naka indicate poh dun eh GENDER KOH IS MALE..but im FEMALE poh..kumuha npoh aqoh ng affidavit of plagay nio po bah makakauha aqoh ng passport.?thank you .. :)

  118. Anonymous

    Sa tingin ko ay meron pa namang courtesy lane. Nakalagay pa kasi sa website ng DFA eh.

    Mas mabuti na tumawag ka sa DFA at pakitanong yung tungkol dito. Heto po ang telephone number ng DFA: (632) 834-4000.


    Sorry for the late reply. Better use "E" because it is in the birth certificate. I think that it will not be a problem when you applied for a passport.


    Thank you for visiting my Facebook page. Nasagot ko na ang iyong tanog nang mas mabilis. :-)

  119. hi po.ask ko lang po kng pde na ung voters i.d ng mother ko as primary i.d?
    tas may postal i.d po sya, nbi at police clearance. tapos brgy clrnce at sedula. iaccept n po b un ng dfa?

    2. need ko pb ng ntrzed affdavit of support and consent sa 4 y/o son ko?

    thanks po :)

  120. Joy

    Tatanggapin naman yang voter's ID as valid ID sa pagkuha ng passport. Dalhin mo na lang din yung ibang supporting docs.

    Ang sabi po sa DFA website ay:

    "Notarized Affidavit of Support and Consent to travel from either parent (if minor is a legitimate child) / from mother (if minor is an illegitimate child)"

    Yes, kailangan po ninyo ng notarized affidavit of support and consent to travel para sa anak ninyo.

  121. i would like to ask if okay na po bang mga documents na meron ako.

    *Baranggay Clearance
    *Police Clearance
    *NBI Clearance
    *TIN ID
    *True Copy Birth Certificate
    *NSO BC (pero last 2011 pa yun nakuha)
    *Voter's Certificate

    i still have my Old College ID, YearBook and Diploma if ever the documents above is not enough.

  122. Almar

    I think na OK na yang TIN ID mo. Dalhin mo na lang din yung old college ID at iba pang supporting documents at yung NSO birth certificate.

  123. Hi
    i just graduated college last month and i really need to have a passport. i only have my college ID,highschool ID, police clearance, brgy clearance, cedula, NSO birt cert, will they process my passport?
    thank you. :)

  124. Anonymous

    OK na yang college ID mo and other documents. Just bring your Transcript of Records as supporting document for your college ID.

  125. Hi

    tatanung ko lng sana kpag ipprint na ung Application Form na galing email tlaga bang nkaindicate na agad ung mga information na kailangan dun sa form? then print na lng ..

    may ganito kc sinabi sa mail na nareceive q

    Please do not sign the application form. You need to sign it with the presence of a DFA officer in the processing window.

  126. Yep. Printed n lahat ng information pero sa harap ng dfa personnel k tlg magsign po. :)

  127. Thank you for answering YY's question Joy. :-)

    1. Good morning po! Ask ko lng po sana kung ok na po itong documents na meron ako?
      NSO (CTC)
      Police clearance
      Nbi clearance
      Brgy clearance
      Postal id

      Pls kailangan ko po ang tulong nyo
      First time ko po ksing aaply pra sa passport at,worried po ako baka di rin nla tatanggapin!!!

      Inaasahan ko po ang inyong kasagutan!

      Maraming salamat po! =)

  128. Glad to help. :) anyways got my passport na po! ^_^ THANKS po sa tips :)

  129. Hi po
    Ask ko lang po sana kung pwede na po ang brgy clearance,police,nbi, pero wla po akung ibang valid id except sa postal. Id
    Sa tingin nyo po tatanggapin na nla yun?

    Salamat po!

  130. Hi!

    Sir sa tingin nyo po ba i-aacept nila itong mga dadalin ko na requirements?
    old employment ID
    old High school ID
    postal ID
    NBI,Police and Brgy Clearance
    voters certification(wala pa po kasi ang voters ID ko)
    meron din po akong mga old cedula
    meron din po akong SSS E-1 form
    meron na din po pala ako ng NSO birth certificate.,sa tingin nyo po ok na yan?

  131. hi po may mali po kc sa parent's name ko sa birth certificate tumatanggap po ba ang dfa ng notary?

  132. Anonymous

    I suggest na paayos mo muna yung birth certificate mo sa NSO bago mag-apply for Philippine passport.

  133. Hi. I will be renewing my passport and change into married name at the same time. Do I still need to present valid ids and supporting docs aside from my NSO MC? Thanks in advance.

  134. just like to ask if i still to get a nbi ids are sss ang drivers license? im getting a new passport..tnx!

  135. Anonymous

    Are the supporting documents that you mentioned are intended to be used to support the Marriage Certificate? If it's yes then you don't need supporting documents other than the marriage certificate.


    You're SSS ID and Driver's License are enough. You don't need to obtain NBI clearance.

  136. ask ko lng po kung pwde na mga documents ko sa march 26 na po appoitment ko

    nso birth cert,
    police clearance
    nbi clearance
    form 137 elem n high sch, wth dry seal
    barangay clearance
    student license
    postal id

    pwede na po vah yan postal lng i.d ko
    kc ung sa voters ntnggal na po ung nme ko sa list pro may certification ako about sa voters ko gling sa comelec pero deactivted ngpptunay n mya record ako dati

    plz i need ur reply

  137. Mayumi

    Sorry for the very late reply. Wala kang valid ID so baka hindi rin tanggapin ng DFA yung passport application mo.

  138. Hello po, just want to ask if is it enough to bring my college valid id without TOR? And a police clearance,cedula, and old highschool ID to for supporting documents.

  139. Peach

    Sa tingin ko ay OK na yang old college ID mo na kasama yung mga supporting documents na nabanggit mo. Wag mong kalimutan yung NSO birth certificate.

    Sa tingin ko mas magandang may dala kang TOR. Pero pwede na rin yan kung wala talaga.

  140. Hi, I have the ff. documents:

    NBI 2011 Issue
    Postal ID
    Community Tax Certificate
    Highschool Yearbook
    Police clearance
    Brgy. clearance

    I have my college ID but different pa yung signature ko compare dun sa IDs ko above. Maaccept po ba kaya yun?

  141. Annie

    Is the signature on your college ID your correct signature? If yes, then I suggest that you use your college ID.

  142. Unfortunately, No. I'll just apply for an SSS ID.

  143. Hello po.
    magtatanong lang po aq qng acceptable ba ung student driver's license for applying lost passport.?
    pinapabalik po kc aq ulit ng dfa dhil hinihingan pa po aq ng isang id.
    Postal id lang po kc ang meron aq at. naicp q na student license lang ang madaling kuhanin. icoconsider po kaya ng dfa un? Baka po kc prof. ang tinatanggap nila.
    Salamat pi

  144. Anonymous

    Mukhang hindi din po acceptable sa DFA ├Żung student driver's license.

  145. hi good day,

    matagal na po akong kumukha ng passport at nahihirapan po ako dahil sa last name ko na SY. chinese po father ko at bata pa po ako nung last na nakita ko sya . sa birth cert ko po kasi filipino citizen sya kahit hindi po. married sila ng mother ko kahit hindi. pinapunta po ako sa immigration para kumuha ng records ng tatay ko pero wala daw po syang record and meron lang ako eh yung certification ng dumating sya sa philippines nung years old palang po sya. hindi ko po alam ang gagawin ko 40years na po ako ngayon at mga 60 plus years na po sya. lahat ng travel agency turn down po ako ayaw nilang ayusin.. please help....

    thank you and more power,

    philip sy

  146. Philip

    Hindi ko po alam kung paano ko kayo matutulungan. Kung hindi mo pa ito nasusubukan ay baka kailangan mo lang ipaayos yung birth certificate sa NSO.

    Kung nasubukan mo na iyon, I suggest na kumuha ka ng legal advice saisang abogado.

  147. Helo po sir, i hav a problem po kac my birthplace in my MC is hindi tugma sa birthplace ng BC ko po, but my supporting documents like baptismal, form137 and t.o.r ay tama, sunod lahat sa BC ko, yung MC lng tlaga naiba, im woried that it may cause the denial in my application sa passprt, pede po ba akong gumawa ng praan like affidavit about my MC? Pinaaayos ko pa po sa NSO kac ung MC ko kya lng it takes months pa matapos and i badly need to get passport na po eh.. pls help..

  148. Lailyn

    Sa tingin ko ay hindi naman malaking problema yu. Just bring prof na pinapaayos mo na sa NSO (resibo or document). Sabihin mo lang sa DFA yung problema kapag tinanong nila. Huwag mo na lang ipaalam sa kanila.

  149. Hi sir good pm, i went to dfa last month . Pero ndi ako nakakuha ng passport dahil fake daw ang dala kung corrected BC, nakuha ko po ang corrected of middle name na BC ko sa friend ko na may friend daw nag work sa NSO which i found out na fake pala. When i was there the lady check my paper at sinabi nya sakin "iba tong BC mo, tampering tong ginagawa niu pag malaman namin to ndi kna mabigyan ng passport, gusto mo ako mag verify sa NSO?" But she gave me the NSO number instead she wrote it in my dfa form and told me the date to call them. My question now is if i bring my original corrected BC sa dfa next time do you think mabigyan pa ako ng passport or nasa Blacklist na po ako? Thank u sir and pls help me .

  150. Do you have any idea what should I do to change my gender? I'm a female. but in my passport it's MALE. Do I need any documents for this? Do I still have to arrange an appointment

  151. Anonymous

    All you need is your birth certificate from the NSO to prove your sex (or gender). Bring it to DFA and then ask for corrections to your passport.

  152. Good day sir ....
    Tanong lang po if pwede as valid ID ang BIR / TIN ID (not digitized) for applying passport ... ? If ndi po, pwede na po ba ang mga documents kong brgy. clearance, police clearance, NSO bc, Voter's certificate, and OLd vocational ID po ? Thank you po sa magiging response ... :)

  153. Ximen

    Hindi po tatanggapin yung non-digitized BIR ID. Baka yung old Vocational ID mo ang tanggapin pero hindi pa rin sigurado yun. Kumuha ka pa po ng iba pang valid ID.

  154. Hi do po kasi AQ mpakali sa birth certificate q hand written po kc cya,, typos imbes n Moreno apelyido q naging noreno sa tingin my po b ttanggapin ng dfa in PRA mkakuha ng passport at requirements n meron AQ at.. Postal id brgy certificate nbi police sss form Sana po mpyuhan nyo AQ.. Thanks po.. Rhealyn of cavite

  155. Rhealyn

    I suggest na ipa-correct mo muna yan sa NSO bago ka mag-apply ng passport.

  156. hi po...consider as valid id po ba ang temporary drivers license since wala pang available na cards for id ang LTO?para po sa pagkuha ng passport?thanks.

  157. hi po....pwd na po ba tong mga requirements ko sa pagkuha ng passport?..
    Digitized postal id
    Temporary drivers license(since wala pang available na card ang LTO)
    Massage therapy license(given by DOH)
    NBI clearance(2015)
    NBI clearance(2014
    NSO BC Authenticated
    thanks po and more power!

  158. Patrick

    Sabi ng Post Office ay tinatanggap na ng DFA yung digitized Postal ID. Hindi ko nga lang sure kung totoo yun. Pwede mo sigurong subukan. Hindi ko rin alam kung pwede yung temporary driver's license. Ang hinihinig kasi ng DFA ay yung totoong Driver's License.

  159. Hi. Can I ask something? Kinakabahan po kasi ako e.
    Okay lang po ba na college ID lang yung valid ID ko? Kahit wala pang TOR? Hindi pa po kasi ako nag.request e.
    Pero may NBI Clearance, Brgy Clearance, Cedula, SSS E-1 Form, Baptismal, Voter's Certification po ako.
    Okay na po kaya yun?

  160. hi po ... nag ka problema po kc ako sa pag se-set ng appoinment .. nkapag pa-set na po ako ng appoinment .. ang problema po hindi ko po na pa-print yong kailangang i-present ko na katunayan na may appoinment po ako that day .. ngayon po nag se-set ako ng panibago .. kaso kailangan ko po munang i-cancel yong previous appoinment .. pero kailangan po yong reference number .. eh wala nman pong reference num. nAh dumating sa email koh ... anu po kayang gagawin ko ngayon ???

  161. good dy first time kung kkuha ng passport meron na po akong mga list ng req
    psa birth certificate
    bir id (di cia digitized( ,wala nman po na naiisue na digitized married surname )
    sss id digitized (pero pagkadalaga pa yung surname ) wala pang yung bago
    voters id/ e-1 and e-4 (is ganoon din po pag kadalaga pa rin yung surname)
    pero meron kong supporting doc.
    married contract( psa)
    nbi (married na )
    brgy clearance
    school id highschool /id ng college
    mdr data (married na )
    mga employment id ko na( married surname)
    baptismal certificate /certification of local office registar form my province.
    nso birt certificate ng mga anak ko . sa tingin nio po makakakuha po kaya ako thanks po and god bless


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