Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Infrared Massager

We employees usually experience stressful events in our workplace. There are times that we are so loaded with workload that our body become too exhausted. That's why after a hard day's work, it would be good to have a good massage. However, going to massage parlor is quite expensive that's why many of us treat having a massage as luxury. So, if you want a massage but don't have the money to go regularly to masseurs then the infrared massager can be the answer to your massage problems.

My parents bought the infrared massager from a Robinson Mall in our area because they believe that it will ease the pains that they feel because of rheumatism. This infrared massager a hand held device that is more than one feet long but is not heavy enough so that it could be used without other person's help.
Infrared massage

The infrared massager has two points at the bottom end that is used to place pressure on the part of the body that it come in contact with. Infrared massager works by vibrating and the vibration is used to put pressure on the muscles.

According to the manufacturer, the infrared massager can reduce muscle ache, speed up burning of fats, promote blood circulation and build immunity. The manufacturer also promised that the infrared massager alleviate pains caused by fatigue and rheumatism. The infrared massager also function with thermotherapy.

Too much benefits from a small gadget right? One day, due to stress at work, I tried the infrared massager to reduce the muscle ache that I was feeling. Well, it somehow worked to slightly reduce muscle pains but not enough to totally remove the pain. I believe that the massage that this infrared massager gives is not as par with the massage that can be given by masseurs.

Also, I can't understand why it is called infrared massager. I don't know how infrared light works in alleviating muscle pains. I can't see any infrared light being emitted by this infrared massager. I believe that it is just a gimmick to make people believe that infrared has some special power to ease muscle pains.

Infrared massager can be bought to any of your local stores that sell massage tools in malls. My parents bought the infrared massager for 1,500 pesos.


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  1. I had something like that before. Not bad, loved to use it...but one fine day, it just stopped. Dunno why...and no one to repair.

  2. Maybe the infrared massager just became tired of all the massaging that it is doing. :-D

  3. I am not sure kung ilang wattage ang nakokonsumo nitong infrared massager.

  4. Thank you for this post. There are sellers roaming around in the province of Romblon selling this item for 5,950.00. Because of sales talk many bought already including me, just yesterday. We had spoken to the seller that we are returning back the item and give back to us the 1,000.00 downpayment. I really searched for this product and I found your blogpost by searching images in google. Hay naku walang taong manloloko kung ayaw mo magpaloko. Keep on blogging Sir. God Bless.


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