Thursday, May 19, 2011

Majayjay Falls

Summer is here again and because of this, many people are looking for good places to cool down. To give you some idea to what place to visit so that you can cool down and relax this Summer, I will give you a series of blog posts that are about good places that will guarantee that you will cool down this Summer. First in this series is Majayjay Falls.

I got a chance to visit Majayjay Falls after the Pahiyas Festival in 2010.

Majayjay Falls is located at foot of the mystical Banahaw Mountain and it is not easy to go reach it. The reason for this is that there is no regular jeepney that travel from Lucban to Majayjay Falls. The jeepney driver only agree to bring passengers to Majayjay Falls if majority of passengers are going to Majayjay Falls. Usually, visitors to Majayjay Falls had to disembark at this place:

If you are coming from Lucban, then you must ride the jeepney at Lucban Market. Just ask the terminal barker on what route you should ride to reach Majayjay Falls. Ride a tricycle to Majayjay Falls once you reach the place shown on the above photo. Never attempt to walk to Majayjay Falls because it is very far and the trek is uphill.

There is an entrance fee for Majayjay Falls but the fee will not exceed 100 hundred pesos per person. Last May 2010, the entrance fee is 20 pesos per person and 35 pesos per person who will do an overnight camping inside the Majayjay Park.

After the long trek and the trail, you will reach this:
Majayjay Falls

The water at Majayjay Falls is so cold that people place their beverages and softdrinks in its water to cool them down. I assure you that you will shiver once you dip in the cold water of Majayjay.

Majayjay Falls is crowded during weekends and holidays so be prepared for the crowd. It is recommended that you dip or swim at near Majayjay Falls because the water is relatively cleaner there than downstream.

For more information, read my previous article about Majayjay Falls.


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  1. waaah gusto ko rin sanag pumunta sa ganyang mga lugar... huhuhu ang layo naman kasi....
    walang ganyan sa cavite

  2. Sa inyo naman kasi dagat eh. Walang katulad ng sa Majayjay. :-)


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