Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to Use TDK Flash Lock

I own a 2 gigabytes TDK Flash Disk and it serves me well. The feature that I like with my TDK Flash disk is its flash lock. This feature allows me to create two compartments for my TDK Flash Disk. The first compartment is is used to store files that is OK to be seen by other people. The second compartment contains files that I keep hidden from other peoples' eyes. The second compartment of my flash disk is password protected and can be accessed using the TDK Flash Lock.

The TDK Flash Lock interface is light and easy to use. It contains all the buttons that you need to set up and access the second compartment of your TDK Flash Disk.

Did you delete the TDK Flash Lock software in your flash disk? Well, that is not a problem because you can still download it from TDK. Just visit my post about downloading TDK Flash Lock to solve your problem.
TDK Flash Lock interface
TDK Flash Lock interface.

Change the TDK Flash Lock Password

To change the password of your TDK Flash Lock, just click on the “key” button.
TDK Flash Lock change password

A new window will appear wherein you will input the new password that will replace the old password of you TDK Flash Lock. You can also place the password hint that will help you recall the password in case that you forgot it.

Disable the TDK Flask Lock Password

Just click on the button below the “key” button to disable the password of your TDK Flash Lock.
TDK Flash Lock disable password

Log-in and Log-out of the Private Compartment

Shifting  from the “public” compartment to restricted compartment of your TDK Flash Disk is easy. All you have to do is to click on the “padlock” button of the TDK Flash Lock.
TDK Flash Lock log-in

Those are the simple instructions on how to use the flash lock of your TDK Flash Disk. I recommend using the TDK Flash Lock to protect your private files from the eyes of other people. Be reminded that you create back-ups for your files whenever you do some changes on the setting of TDK Flash Lock. Some changes on the flash lock can cause some files in the restricted compartment to be deleted.


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  1. another level of secured file access =)

  2. Oh no, I've used this app for years but my son just 'helpfully' deleted the LOCKv233.exe file from my USB. I've put it back but now I get the message 'LOCKv233.exe is not a valid Win32 Application' - have I lost all of my files contained in the encrypted section????

  3. Hello Jings

    The answer is no. Your file is still in the encrypted section of the flashdrive. The only problem that you have is that you can't access the file.

    Try opening the file on other computer.

  4. What do you do if you forgot your password completely,is there a way to reset it without the old password?

  5. Anonymous

    I guess that you forgot to place a hint for your VLock password.

    I think there is no other way of retrieving the file if you forgot your password.


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