Saturday, September 17, 2011

Paperless Transaction via BPI Express Assistant Machine

I recently visited a Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) branch located near my office to deposit some of my hard-earned money. When I entered the BPI branch, the security guard asked me what transaction I will be doing inside the bank. I told him that I will do deposit some money. Instead of letting me go to the corner where the deposit slips are located, the guard told me to go to a newly-installed machine located near the bank entrance. The guard told me that the BPI branch is now using the BPI Express Assistant machine for deposit and withdrawal instructions.

The BPI Express Assistant (BEA) Machine, otherwise named as Customer Transaction Assistant Machine, is like the machines of Smart and Globe Telecoms that automates the transactions being made by their customers. However, unlike the automated machines of Smart and Globe, customers will not place their payments inside the machine.
BPI Express - BPI logo

I found the BPI Express Assistant Machine easy to use, which is very unlike the automated machines of Smart. BPI Express Assistant Machine just automates the filling up of deposit or withdrawal slips. You input the transactions that you want into the machine. The transaction can either be cash or check deposit, SSS or BIR payments, and encashment.

For deposit transactions, you will just input the amount of cash or check that you will deposit. The BPI Express Assistant Machine will then print a number slip, which is is like the number that you get when you are queuing at MERALCO when you pay your bills.

Putting up a BPI Express Assistant Machine is good idea for the Bank of the Philippine Islands. It made my transactions at any BPI branch easier and without the hassle of writing down a lot of things in the deposit slips.


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