Thursday, April 26, 2012

CDR King USB: Curve Card Reader

My old card reader suddenly stopped working while I was transferring some photos from my camera to the desktop computer. Thus, I was forced to buy a new card reader. I went to the nearest CDR King branch to buy the card reader. I remember that I complained about the CDR King USB extension cord that I bought the last time. CDR King is notorious for having products that malfunction for no apparent reason. CDR King is also notorious for very long queues and ultra-slow service but those are for another blog post.

I told the sales clerk that I need a CDR King USB product that can be used to connect the SD Card of my camera to the laptop. She told me that the CDR King USB product that I need is a card reader. Then she showed me a wide selection of CDR King’s card readers.

Of course I chose CDR King’s Curved Card Reader. I almost didn’t believe that this CDR King USB product only cost 50 pesos. I even told the sales clerk that this CDR King product will not last because it is very cheap.
CDR King USB Curve Card Reader
CDR King Curve Card Reader

My Curve Card Reader is already 5 months old but it still works fine. It is quite different from another CDR King USB card reader that my brother bought. It malfunctioned in less than a month. Well, I think that buying CDR King USB products is a sort of lottery. If you are lucky then you get a good product. If not then you’ll get the malfunctioning one.


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Image came from CDR King website.

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