Sunday, April 22, 2012

Philippine Airlines Flight Status

Not knowing the status of your flight is sometimes a big hassle. One time, when I traveled back to Manila from Davao, I didn’t know that the time of departure of for my flight was delayed by two hours because of bad weather. I rushed to Davao International Airport with the thought that I am late for my flight. Rushing to the airport just to avoid being left behind by the plane doesn't feel good. In the end, all of my rush went to naught because my flight was delayed.

I was not informed of the delay. I should have traveled to the airport without the rush and anxiety. I should have checked the status of my flight.

All airlines must have a system of informing their passengers of the status of their flights. There should have easy way for passengers to check if their flight is delayed or cancelled. Good thing that Philippine Airlines has a system to help inform their clients of delayed or cancelled flight. This system is the Philippine Airlines Flight Status that is found in the Philippine Airlines website.

To check the Philippine Airlines flight status, please go to their website. You will see the Philippine Airlines Online Booking form. Just click on the “Flight Status” tab as shown in the image below.
Philippine Airlines Flight Status tab

Just fill out the details of your flight on the Philippine Airlines Flight Status form. You can know the status of your flight by searching by flight number or by origin or destination. You will see the Philippine Airlines flight status after you click the “Go” button.

If you’re flying via Philippine Airlines, I recommend that you check the Philippine Airlines Flight Status before you go to the airport. This will help reduce inconveniences caused by delayed or cancelled flights.


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