Thursday, April 19, 2012

Philippine Airlines Online Booking

Still booking Philippine Airlines flights the old way, that is you go to a Philippine Airlines ticketing office or a travel agent to obtain your travel itinerary? If your answer is “yes” then that means that technology left you behind. There is an easier way of booking a flight at Philippine Airlines. That way is the Philippine Airlines Online Booking.

Philippine Airlines online booking allows you book flights at the comfort of your home. It also keeps you away from the hassle of long lines that are usually found at travel agencies.

To avail of the Philippine Airlines online booking, all you have to do is to visit the Philippine Airlines website. Available at the website is the form that you can use to book your flight on Philippine Airlines.
Philippine Airlines online booking form
Philippine Airlines online booking form.

Just fill up the fields on the Philippine Airlines online booking form to start the online booking process. Philippine Airlines online booking allows you to choose between a roundtrip flight or a one-way flight. The form also lets you choose your destination and the dates of your flight/s.

Philippine Airlines online booking is a big help to travelers, especially the suki (patrons) of Philippine Airlines. I, for one, always prefer to book my flights online rather than going to travel agents or the accredited ticketing offices.

So, if you are traveling via Philippine Airlines, I highly recommend that you use the Philippine Airlines online booking. It will bring convenience to your travels.

Read the step by step process of the Philippine Airlines online booking. Also read my post on how to avail PAL promo fares.


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  1. Phil Air offer prices that are good but when you click on your choice the price changes. Is there any way to get the fiesta saver price?

    1. I don't know. I guess you can only get that promo by chance.


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