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List of POEA Accredited Agencies

Illegal recruiters and illegal recruitment agencies are the vicious enemies of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). The goal of these people and agencies is to trick the OFWs and earn a lot of money from it.

Many Filipinos were tricked by illegal recruitment agencies. Some of these agencies asked money for the “quick” processing of documents and other things. After receiving a lot of money from prospecting Filipino workers, these heartless people were suddenly gone without a trace. I saw a lot of victims crying about their lost money. Some even sold their property just to pay the illegal recruiters.

These incidents could have been avoided if the victims were more careful. The victims should first checked with the POEA if the recruiter or agency that were “hiring” them were legitimate.
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POEA stands for Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. It is an office under the Department of Labor (DoLE), which deals with employment outside of the country. All recruitment agencies are required by law to register with POEA. Thus, the POEA is the agency that can tell if the recruitment agency is illegal or not.

Legitimate recruitment agencies are duly registered to POEA. These registered recruitment agencies are called as POEA accredited agencies.

One of the important resource of POEA is its “List of Accredited Agencies”, which can be accessed on this page of the POEA website.
A portion of the list of POEA accredited agencies.
A page on the List of POEA Accredited Agencies.

The information on the list is detailed. You can see the name of the recruitment agency, its address, contact information and its official representative. The important information on this list is the status of the recruitment agency. You will know if the agency has a valid license. This is the easy way of knowing if the recruitment agency that is hiring you is illegal or not.

The “List of Accredited Agencies” also has a search box that you can use in searching for information about a recruitment agency.

Working abroad is never easy, especially when there are evil people out there who are out to deceive you. Don't be a victim. Use POEA's list of accredited agencies to protect yourself and your money from illegal recruiters and agencies.

If you need more information about your recruitment agency, please call POEA's hotline numbers: 722-1144 and 722-1155. You can also email POEA at this address:

Visit the POEA website for more information.

Read my article about POEA's checklist for those who are planning to work outside of the Philippines. The checklist contains step-by-step procedures that all OFWs should follow.


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  1. Hi I just want to complain the name of my agency SERVICE ONLINE CORP. Last March 08, 2013 I was advised by Ms. Jocelyn to have skype interview with Singaporean client because they have job opening as Shop Manager for Singapore. Then after two days I received a call from this agency informing me that I was selected for the position. They even confirmed that I am one of the four applicants that were confirmed by the client. Since I was in the province, they told me to have skype interview using their account and password for the briefing. They told me to get ready because anytime I will go to Manila for my medical so I just waited for their call. I keep on texting and making follow-ups with them until Ms. Jocelyn informed me to wait for their call because the client will arrive in Manila second week of April and may bring with them the offer letter. After second week of April, I follow-up again my application with them. At first they are disconnecting my call until I texted them because I want to inform them that my renewed passport is ready to be released on April 19 until this agency told me that I was not included in the final selection. I was shocked because they didnt inform me ahead of time. They told me that the client has changed his mind plus the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore changed their policy. They told me that the new policy for work experience must be 10 years for the position and not 2-3 years because that's my current experience as Store Manager. What made me feel bad and disappointed is the way they treated me unprofessionally. Pinaasa po nila ako sa wala and I rejected other offers because of their promised work offer that I am selected for Singapore. Actually they didnt inform that this is the new policy in Singapore regarding S-pass. I wasted my time because of them which is supposedly I already got a job in other country if I didnt focus with them.
    Thanks and hoping my complains about this agency be resolved and given much considerations and actions.

  2. Anonymous

    Ican't help you regarding your complaint. Please go directly to POEA. Please call their hotline: 722-1144 and 722-1155.


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