Wednesday, May 14, 2014

BPIExpress Online Advisory for MERALCO Subscribers

BPIExpress Online, website of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), has a new announcement for BPI clients who use the BPIExpress Online to pay their MERALCO bills.

Here is the announcement shown on the BPIExpress Online website:

BPIExpress Online MERALCO advisory
(Source: BPIExpress Online website)

According to the announcement, “MERALCO subscribers will now be issued a new reference number which will be reflected in the revised billing statement format.”

BPI prepared a step by step procedure on how to enrol the new MERALCO reference number. The step by step procedure can be read at this BPIExpress Online page.

Users of BPIExpress Online should take note of this advisory. BPI did not mention of any effect if you used the old MERALCO bill reference number in paying your electric bill. One possibility is that your payment may not be received by MERALCO.

So, if you are using BPIExpress Online to pay your MERALCO monthly bills, then I suggest that you urgently follow the step by step procedures by BPIExpress Online. It is better to be safe than sorry.

If you have a BPI account but you have not enrolled account to BPIExpress Online, then you should read this blog post: “How to Enroll Your Account in BPIExpress Online”.

Also read my post on how to enrol your bills in BPIExpress Online.

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