Tuesday, March 8, 2022

How I Paid My MERALCO Bill Using the Grab App

There are now so many ways to pay utility bills. For MERALCO, I usually use BPI Online because it is easy and without any fee. However, for this month, I changed my payment mode since I still have unused funds in my Grab account.

This is how I paid my MERALCO bill using the Grab App:

1. Log in to your account in the Grab app and click “Pay your bills anywhere”.

Pay Your Bills with Grab

2. Select the Biller. In my case, I selected Meralco

Pay Your Bills with Grab
Aside from MERALCO, you can also pay your bills for other utility companies like Maynilad, Manila Water, Globe, Destiny Cable, Cignal TV, Cable Link. You can also load your Autosweep and Easytrip. Grab pay can also be used for paying for your passport application or renewal with the DFA. 

3. Enter the Customer Account Number (CAN) and the payment amount. Then click “Enter”

Pay Your MERALCO Bills with Grab

4. Confirm your MERALCO bill details. Click “Confirm” if there is no error.

Pay Your MERALCO Bills with Grab

5. Check the Payment Details if correct. Click “Pay” if there’s no error.

Pay Your MERALCO Bills with Grab

And that’s it! Grab will send your payment to MERALCO electronically.

The good thing with using the Grab app to pay MERALCO bills is that there is no “Administrative Fee.”

Because it was quick, easy and no additional fees; I will be using the Grab app again to pay for our MERALCO bills in the future.

Please note that Grab does not accept late payment of MERALCO bills. So make sure that you are paying your MERALCO bill on or before the due date.


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