Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chowking Delivery Website is Under Construction

Are you craving for Chowking’s lauriat? Or are you planning to eat a bowl of Emperor’s Beef Mami during lunch break at work? Perhaps you want to give the kids some Chow Pao buns after finishing their assignment?

Ordering would be easy, right? All you have to do is to go the online Chowking Delivery website so you can order the lauriat, the noodles, the siopao and ever crunchy Chinese style chicken.

Unfortunately, your visit to Chowking delivery website showed you this window:
Chowking delivery website is under construction
Chowking Delivery website still under construction.

Yup! The Chowking delivery website is currently under construction. It seems like the Chowking management is making a grander and more user friendly website for their customers.

If you are craving for some delicious dishes from Chowking, I suggest that you call the Chowking delivery hotline instead of ordering through the Internet.

Dial 9-8888 to order your favorite Chowking dishes.

Do not let the Chowking delivery website disappoint you. Just Dial 9-888 and to get the Chowking dishes that you want.


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New on Chowking Menu: Chow Pao

Chowking, which is the county’s largest food chain that offers Chinese dishes, just unleashed their new creation: the Chow Pao.

This new item on the Chowking menu made me wonder. Is the Chow Pao the reinvention of siopao or is it the reinvention of sandwich? This musing came to an end when I visited Chowking last night and ordered the Chow Pao.

Chow Pao is sort of a sandwich that has some of our favorite ulam (viand) squeezed between mantao buns. There are three Chow Pao choices to choose from the Chowking menu. These choices are the Chow Pao with chunky beef, Chow Pao with braised chicken, Chow Pao with Chinese sausage and the “special” Chow Pao that Chinese sausage and some veggies.
Chow Pao of Chowking menu

Chowking sells the Chow Pao for 25 pesos per piece, which is I think is affordable.

I chose the Chow Pao with Chinese sausage. My mind is filled with thoughts of siopao the moment I sink my teeth to my Chow Pao. The mantao bun gave the feeling I was eating a siopao. The Chinese sausage tasted like normal Chinese sausage, which can also be placed on normal siopao.

I like this new item on Chowking menu. The fast food restaurant reinvented siopao to give it a new appeal. Now I wonder what the other three choices of Chow Pao taste like.


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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lolong is Guinness' Largest Crocodile

Finally! Lolong, the great buwaya (crocodile) caught in the town of Bunawan, is recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest crocodile in captivity. This confirmation came 7 months after a team from National Geographic visited Bunawan to measure the giant crocodile.

The National Geographic team was led by the Dr. Adam Briton, who is a crocodile expert. Dr. Britton and his team hailed Lolong as the world’s largest crocodile dethroning Cassius from the National Geographic list. Cassius was captured in Australia and was considered as the largest croc before the discovery of Lolong.

According to Guinness World Records website, Lolong measured 6.17 m (20.24 ft) and has a weight of approximately 1,075 kg (2,370 lbs).
Lolong, the world's largest croc.

Lolong was captured by the late Ernesto “Lolong” Coñate. The hunt was begun because there were reports that a crocodile in Agusan Marsh has eaten a schoolgirl and a fisherman. Coñate died before Lolong was captured by other crocodile hunters in his team.

Local leaders of the town of Bunawan expect that the announcement of Guinness World Records will improve the town’s tourism. Lolong was placed inside an 800 meters pen and many people flocked Bunawan just to see the world’s largest crocodile.

Crocodile hunters believe that there are other crocodiles in Agusan Marsh that are larger than Lolong. It is possible that Lolong will be dethroned by his kin in Agusan Marsh from Guinness Book of World Records.


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Monday, June 25, 2012

New Float and Fries on Jollibee Menu

I just saw new items on Jollibee menu that I want to try. These items are the new flavors of Jollibee float and the weird looking French fries.

I remember the time when Jollibee is offering the University Floats last year during the height of UAAP hype. I like the flavors of those floats especially the Green Apple Float. The University Floats were removed from the Jollibee menu after the UAAP season. Jollibee floats returned to their “normal” flavor, which is the regular Coke Float.

Now, Jollibee offers two new floats and these are the Coffee Float for the coffee addicts and the Chocolate Float for the chocolate lovers. 
Chocolate Float of Jollibee menu
Jollibee's chocolate float.

Another new item on the Jollibee menu is the Crisscut Fries.
Crisscut Fries on Jollibee menu
Jollibee's Crisscut Fries

I guess that this new fries replaced the Jolly Crispy Fries which were in cheese and cream sour flavors. The Crisscut Fries comes in a weird shape and the only flavor is cheese. I hope that Jollibee will add new flavors for Crisscut fries soon.

It is good that Jollibee is keen in adding new items on Jollibee menu. At least its patrons will taste something new. As for me, I might try the chocolate float and the Crisscut Fries when I eat at Jollibee again.


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Images came from Jollibee website.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mascots for Jollibee Party Package

I said in my post, “How to Plan Your Jollibee Party”, that the mascot of Jollibee is always present in any Jollibee party. The country’s fast food restaurant ensured the presence of Jollibee because they know that kids love to see Jollibee in their parties.

If you want to know more about Jollibee party, please visit my post about Jollibee party package.

It is not only Jollibee who can be present in your child’s birthday party. Other favorite characters of Jollibee may come. Here are the other Jollibee mascots that can come over your child’s party:
Available mascots for Jollibee party package
From left to right: Yum, Hetty, Jollibee, Twirlie and Popo.

Popo the French Fries Mascot

Popo loves sports and the outdoors, thus he have lots of energy that can infect the kids. Popo can play any games the kids want be it basketball, game of tag, or jumping rope. So, if you want a Jollibee party that has a lot of games it is best that you invite Popo to your party.

Twirlie the Sundae Mascot

Twirlie is the performer in the group. She loves to sing especially to her friends. She is also good in dancing. Twirlie dreams of being a superstar. If the kids want to show their talents in singing and dancing then you should invite Twirlie to your party.

Mr. Yum the Burger Mascot

Yum is the science wiz of the Jollibee gang. He has a laboratory where he experiments, research and study a lot of things. Yum have a lot of interesting facts to share your kids during the party.

Hetty the Spaghetti Mascot

Hetty is the cheerleader of the gang. Kids will lighten up once they see Hetty’s rah rah rah chants during the party.

These are the mascots that you can invite to your party. Remember that Jollibee is already present. All Jollibee needs is to be with his companions so that your party will be lively and fun.


Image of Jollibee mascots came from Ajay's Writing on the Wall.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Favorite Mang Inasal Menu Items with Unli Rice

Of the many restaurants in Metro Manila, I can say that Mang Inasal is the most visited one by me and my beloved. We always go to Mang Inasal whenever we like to have a super-heavy meal because this fast food restaurant offers unlimited rice on selected items on the Mang Inasal menu.

There are so many items on the Mang Inasal menu but the ones I am most acquainted with are those that have unlimited rice. These meal items are the so-called Paborito Meals (PM).
Mang Inasal menu

The Paborito Meals are the paa, spicy paa, pecho, pork inasal, bangus sisig, pork sisig, boneless bangus and grilled liempo.

I have only two favorites on this set of the Mang Inasal menu. These two are the:
PM 2 of Mang Inasal menu

PM 1.5 of Mang Inasal menu

Sometimes I order PM 1 (paa) if PM 1.5 (spicy paa) is not available.

Why I prefer the PM 2 and PM 1.5 over the other unli rice items of the Mang Inasal menu? The reason is that these two Paborito Meals have the most meat compared to the other items. I only go to Mang Inasal if I want to eat plenty. I always order Mang Inasal menu items with unli rice and I want to have a lot of ulam for my unlimited rice.

How about you? What is your favorite Mang Inasal menu item?


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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Online PAGASA Weather Forecast for the Rainy Season

This year's Rainy Season began at the same time as the 2012 School Year. The month of June was welcomed by Typhoon Ambo, which did not made a landfall. PAGASA said that we can expect more typhoons to come.

Typhoons and the resulting floods make parents worried for the safety of their children. How will they know if there is typhoon? How will they know if the rain will bring floods? How will they know if the classes were suspended?

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) knows these worries of parents that is why they created  the online PAGASA Weather Forecast. This service of the weather agency provides round the clock updates of the weather condition within the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR).

The online PAGASA Weather Forecast shows the map forecast for air pressure and wind directions within PAR. The latest satellite image for the Philippines is likewise shown by the PAGASA weather forecast.
Satellite image from online PAGASA Weather Forecast
June 06, 2012 satellite image PAGASA.
PAGASA Weather Forecast also show the weather forecast for selected cities and municipalities. The forecast shows the predicted weather and range of temperature.
Predicted weather at online PAGASA Weather Forecast
June 06, 2012 predicted weather for cities and municipalities.
Aside from the online PAGASA Weather Forecast, the weather agency also gives up-to-date information via the 24-hour hotline, SMS, Twitter and Facebook. The PAGASA 24-hour hotline is 433-ULAN (8526).

Instead of worrying, I suggest that you avail of these services from the weather agency, especially the online PAGASA Weather Forecast.


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Monday, June 4, 2012

Top 5 Pacquiao Wallpaper

The day of the most awaited fight between the Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao and the undefeated Timothy Bradley is getting nearing. The anticipation of Filipinos is getting stronger. The question that every boxing aficionado asks, “will Manny Pacquiao knock Bradley out?”

No doubt that we Filipinos will support Manny Pacquiao. We show our support in many ways and one of them is by placing Pacquiao wallpaper on our laptops and personal computers.

I browsed the Internet to search for Pacquiao wallpaper. There are too many wallpaper that depicts the “Pambansang Kamao”. The images are so plenty that the good looking or cool Pacquiao wallpaper is hard to find.

Here are the top 5 Pacquiao wallpaper that I found:

Top 5 Pacquiao Wallpaper

Pacquiao wallpaper - top 5
(Source: Fans Share)

Top 4 Pacquiao Wallpaper

Pacquiao wallpaper - top 4
(Source: MP8)
This wallpaper has logo of Team Pacquiao, which shows the flag of the Philippines.

Top 3 Pacquiao Wallpaper

Pacquiao wallpaper - top 3
(Source: London 2012)
This poster was created by Nike. The message “ang mamatay nang dahil sa ‘yo” is perfect for the makabayan out there.

Top 2 Pacquiao Wallpaper

Pacquiao wallpaper - top 2
(Source: Official PSDS)
This poster was created by Juic32.

Top 1 Pacquiao Wallpaper

Pacquiao wallpaper - top 1
(Source: DevianArt)
This poster was created by Olieng and the original image was commissioned by Nike. I chose this as the top 1 wallpaper because it highlights the God-fearing side of Manny Pacquiao. Many people know that Manny is one of the best boxers in the world. What is usually publicized is that Manny is dedicated to God.

The wings placed on the praying Pacquiao makes me think that his prayers is about to make him soar.


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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jollibee Branches in NAIA

Are you an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who is about to leave our country to work in “greener pastures” abroad? Or are you one of the Filipinos who decided to migrate to other place outside of the Philippines? If you are, then I bet that you will miss many of things connected to our identity as Filipino. You will miss the fiesta, our mouthwatering dishes and the entertaining politics. It is highly probable that you will miss the country's favorite fast food restaurant, Jollibee.

“But I am already in NAIA and I want to eat Langhap Sarap meals!”, your mind suddenly exclaimed.

Don't fret my friend. You still have the chance to taste an item from Jollibee menu even if you are already in NAIA Terminal 1. Jollibee operates a branch in NAIA Terminal 1.
NAIA Terminal 1 Jollibee branch
NAIA Terminal 1 branch of Jollibee.
The NAIA Terminal 1 branch of Jollibee is located on the second floor of the waiting area outside of the terminal. The waiting area is for family, friends and “sundo” who are waiting for arriving passengers from abroad.

That Jollibee branch occupies just a small place so it is better that you take-out your orders. The space of that Jollibee branch may be small but the food is still the Langhap-Sarap that we Filipinos loved.

A better-looking Jollibee branch can be found inside NAIA Terminal 3. If you happen to be in this terminal, then I suggest that you eat that this Jollibee branch instead going to the NAIA Terminal 1 Jollibee branch.
NAIA Terminal 3 Jollibee branch
NAIA Terminal 3 branch of Jollibee.

Whatever branch you choose, I recommend that you eat one Jollibee meal before you go flying to other countries. Let your tounge taste one Langhap-Sarap meal before you stay out of our country for a long time.


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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Two Bo Sanchez Books that I Like

If the Americans have Rick Warren of the “Purpose Driven Life” fame, we Filipinos have Bo Sanchez. I never encountered other Filipino author of inspirational books that are as famous as Bo Sanchez. I always see his books placed on prominent shelves in many branches National Bookstore.

This guy has a lot of “gigs”. He is an entrepreneur, preacher and lay evangelist. He is also the publisher of the Kerygma magazine. These diverse “gigs” made Bo Sanchez a celebrity author in the Philippines.

Even my beloved knows Bo Sanchez. One time, she requested that I buy one of Bo Sanchez books. I bought a Bo Sanchez book with the title: “You Have the Power to Create Love”. In this 153-page book, Bo Sanchez showed the simple way to happiness.
Bo Sanchez Books - You Have the Power to Create Love
(Source: Facebook)

One of Bo Sanchez books that I read, other than one I gave to my fiancée, is about investing money on the stock exchange. The title of this book is “My Maid Invest in the Stock Exchange”. Bo Sanchez gave the reasons on why I must invest my money in the stock exchange. This book convinced me to make long-term investments in the Philippine Stock Exchange.
Bo Sanchez books - My Maid Invests in the Stock Exchange
(Source: Penniless Son)

You can dowload the e-book version of “My Maid Invest in the Stock Exchange” for free by going to Bravy Uy's Posterous site.

There are a lot of Bo Sanchez books and I guess this celebrity author keep on producing new books every year. I suggest that you take a look at some of Bo Sanchez books because some of them will surely help in improving your life.


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