Friday, June 3, 2011

A Review of a Cheap Nokia Battery BP-5M

In a previous post, I gave out some tips on how to buy cell phone battery that may not be the original but cheap. In that post, I said that I bought a China-made Nokia Battery BP-5M after I discovered that the original Nokia Battery BP-5M is too expensive.

After 9 months of using my Nokia Battery BP-5M, maybe it is time for me to give out a review. The battery that I bought is the BP-5M battery that was made by Lim Hong. I bought the Nokia Battery BP-5M at a stall in SM so as to make sure that I will get a warranty if the battery that I bought malfunctioned.

The Lim Hong BP-5M battery functioned well since the time I bought it. That Nokia BP-5M Battery is not easily drained and can last for more than a day if I just use my cellular phone for sending text messages

So far, my Lim Hong BP-5M battery is functioning well. Maybe the reason for this is because I make sure that I don’t overcharge it. I stop charging my cellular phone if I notice that the battery is already full.


July 24, 2011

I said in this review that my Lim Hong BP-5M battery is functioning well. However, this month I noticed some problems on my phone. My phone turn-off for no apparent reason. I am irritated each time that the phone turn-off suddenly while I am typing a text message. Sometimes my phone turn-off just seconds after I turned it on. I went to a technician to check the problem of my celphone. The technician said that the problem is my Lim Hong BP-5M battery. He said that Lim Hong is not a good brand. He told me to buy a battery with the brand name NYK.

If what the technician said is true then I can say that Lim Hong BP-5M battery is a failure. I will avoid buying any Lim Hong battery next time.


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  1. yes. you are right ish. it really depends on the user :)

  2. Yeah Patty. It depends on the users of the bp-5m battery.

  3. which is better: lim hong or msm hk brand? im using a msm hk battery for my vintage se p800i and it has been over 1.5 years and it is still okay as of this posting. 2 days max for standby and 1 day with heavy use with no intermittent turning off of the unit.

    re lim hong i would like to try one since this is just the available brand at SM tarlac city and is priced at php300. nevertheless, many thanks for your review re lim hong battery brand.

  4. Good day Anonymous

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    I can't give you the comparison between Lim Hong and MSM HK because I haven't experience using the MSM battery.

    So far, my BP-5M Lim Hong battery is still fine, Though there are tines when my cellular phone turn off for no apparent reason. The technician that I talked to attributed the malfunction to Lim Hong battery. I am not sure if what he said is true but there is still a possibility.

    Based on your experience, I suggest that you buy the MSM HK brand because it is working well for you. However, if you don't have any option, then buying the Lim Hong battery would be fine.


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