Sunday, April 29, 2012

NSO Birth Certificate

Are you looking for a job? If your answer is “yes” then you need to obtain a NSO Birth Certificate.

Are you applying for a Philippine passport? If your answer is “yes” then you need to obtain NSO Birth Certificate.

Is your child starting to go to school this school year? If your answer is “yes” then you need have his NSO Birth Certificate ready.

As you can see NSO Birth Certificate is vital for many transactions, either with the government or private institutions. Birth certificate is an government issued document that is used that you are the child of your parents. It is also used to prove your citizenry, sex (or gender if you want) and the date of your birth, which is the basis of your age.

The National Statistics Office (NSO) is the Philippine government agency that is tasked to manage and store birth certificates of all Filipino citizens. The NSO is the only institution authorized to issue birth certificates in the Philippines.
NSO Birth Certificate - NSO logo

One of the requirements in my application for the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is the birth certificate. My parents have the birth certificate that they filled up when I was born. Unfortunately, the PRC does not accept that kind of birth certificate. What PRC wants is the NSO Birth Certificate.

This requirement is not only imposed by the PRC but also by other government agencies like the Consular Affairs Office of DFA. These government agencies require NSO Birth Certificate because of the prevalence of fake birth certificates.
NSO Birth Certificate
NSO Birth Certificate

NSO Birth Certificate is just copy of the original birth certificate printed on paper that has the seal of NSO.

The NSO Birth Certificate can be obtained by going to National Statistics Office, which has the main office located along East Avenue in Quezon City. Another option, which is fast and hassle free, of obtaining the NSO Birth Certificate is by requesting it online through the e-Census website.

Obtaining NSO Birth Certificate through the e-Census website is the best option because you don't need to go to any NSO office and suffer waiting on long queues. I used this option when I recently need to get an NSO Birth Certificate. I am too busy with work and I have no chance of getting out of the office.

I will talk about how to obtain NSO Birth Certificate through e-Census in the next blog post.


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Thursday, April 26, 2012

CDR King USB: Curve Card Reader

My old card reader suddenly stopped working while I was transferring some photos from my camera to the desktop computer. Thus, I was forced to buy a new card reader. I went to the nearest CDR King branch to buy the card reader. I remember that I complained about the CDR King USB extension cord that I bought the last time. CDR King is notorious for having products that malfunction for no apparent reason. CDR King is also notorious for very long queues and ultra-slow service but those are for another blog post.

I told the sales clerk that I need a CDR King USB product that can be used to connect the SD Card of my camera to the laptop. She told me that the CDR King USB product that I need is a card reader. Then she showed me a wide selection of CDR King’s card readers.

Of course I chose CDR King’s Curved Card Reader. I almost didn’t believe that this CDR King USB product only cost 50 pesos. I even told the sales clerk that this CDR King product will not last because it is very cheap.
CDR King USB Curve Card Reader
CDR King Curve Card Reader

My Curve Card Reader is already 5 months old but it still works fine. It is quite different from another CDR King USB card reader that my brother bought. It malfunctioned in less than a month. Well, I think that buying CDR King USB products is a sort of lottery. If you are lucky then you get a good product. If not then you’ll get the malfunctioning one.


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Image came from CDR King website.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to Cancel Your Jollibee Online Delivery

In the previous post, I taught you how to order “Langhap Sarap” meals using Jollibee Online Delivery. In this post, I will teach you how to cancel your order on Jollibee Online Delivery. This is very handy if you suddenly change your mind and you do not to eat any Jollibee meal. It is also very handy if you suddenly discover that you do not have money in your wallet.

Always keep in mind that you can only cancel your Jollibee Online Delivery order 5 minutes after ordering. Expect the delivery boy to come knocking at your door if you fail to cancel your order within 5 minutes.

Canceling your Jollibee Online Delivery order is very easy. All you need to do is to dial these following telephone numbers:

1. If you are in Metro Manila and Rizal, call: 8-7000.
2. If you are in Pampanga, call: 888-7000.
3. If you are in Cavite, call: 878-7000.
4. If you are in Bulacan, call: 678-7000.
5. If you are in Laguna, call: 838-7000.
6. If you are in Batangas, call: 300-8700.
7. If you are in Bataan, call: 808-7000.
8. If you are in Cebu, call: 238-7000.

Always keep these numbers with because you will never know when you will need to cancel your Jollibee Online Delivery order.


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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to Order on Jollibee Online Delivery

There are two ways for you to enjoy “Langhap Sarap” Jollibee meals without going to any Jollibee branch. One way is to order Jollibee meals through Jollibee Delivery hotline, which is 8-7000. The other way, which is more hi-tech, is to order through the Jollibee Online Delivery.

Ordering “Langhap Sarap” meals through Jollibee Online Delivery is very easy. You only need to follow three steps and the “Langhap Sarap” meals that you want will be delivered at your doorsteps. Here’s how you can order through Jollibee Online Delivery:

1. Point and Click – Go to Jollibee Online Delivery website. Point and click on the food categories shown on the website. The categories are the same as in the Jollibee menu and these are: Chicken, Burgers, Sandwiches and Dessert. You can also choose the Jollibee Value Meals that you want.
Jollibee Online Delivery instructions

2. Load up your food tray – Click on the “Add Cart” button located at the bottom of the Jollibee item that you want. Click as many Jollibee items that you want. Make sure that the total price of the Jollibee items that you selected are not less than 200 pesos.
Jollibee Online Delivery - burgers

3. Checkout – Jollibee Online Delivery allows you to checkout as a guest. I suggest that you register for a Jollibee Online Delivery account if you frequently order at Jollibee. You have to fill out your personal information in this step. Finish this step and wait for your order to arrive at your place.

Jollibee Online Delivery allows you to pay either in cash or by credit card. Please keep in mind that minimum order for Jollibee Online Delivery is 200 pesos. Jollibee Online Delivery charges 10% delivery fee. You can only cancel order within 5 minutes after ordering.

Jollibee Online Delivery is only available Metro Manila, Bataan, Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga and some parts of Rizal (Angono, Antipolo, Cainta, San Mateo and Taytay). Jollibee Online Delivery is also available in Cebu from 7 AM to 9 PM only. 


Monday, April 23, 2012

Jollibee Delivery Menu

Selecting your meal at a Jollibee store is easy because all you have to do is to look up at the Jollibee menu and choose the food that you liked. What if you are at home and you want to eat the “langhap sarap” goodness of Jollibee and you do not have a handy Jollibee brochure. What are you supposed to do?

One thing that you can do is call the Jollibee Delivery hotline and ask them about the Jollibee menu. By the way, the Jollibee delivery hotline is 8-7000. Calling the Jollibee Delivery hotline is the easiest way of selecting the Jollibee meal that you want.

What if you do not to call Jollibee Delivery hotline because you want to choose the food that you want first before dialing 8-7000. The only option that you have is to visit Jollibee Online Delivery. There you will find the Jollibee Delivery Menu that will allow you to select the Jollibee meal that you want.
Jollibee Delivery Menu - burgers
Yummy burgers shown on Jollibee Delivery menu.

So if you are craving for any “Langhap Sarap” meal, all you need to do is to go to the Jollibee and take a look at the Jollibee Delivery Menu.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Philippine Airlines Flight Status

Not knowing the status of your flight is sometimes a big hassle. One time, when I traveled back to Manila from Davao, I didn’t know that the time of departure of for my flight was delayed by two hours because of bad weather. I rushed to Davao International Airport with the thought that I am late for my flight. Rushing to the airport just to avoid being left behind by the plane doesn't feel good. In the end, all of my rush went to naught because my flight was delayed.

I was not informed of the delay. I should have traveled to the airport without the rush and anxiety. I should have checked the status of my flight.

All airlines must have a system of informing their passengers of the status of their flights. There should have easy way for passengers to check if their flight is delayed or cancelled. Good thing that Philippine Airlines has a system to help inform their clients of delayed or cancelled flight. This system is the Philippine Airlines Flight Status that is found in the Philippine Airlines website.

To check the Philippine Airlines flight status, please go to their website. You will see the Philippine Airlines Online Booking form. Just click on the “Flight Status” tab as shown in the image below.
Philippine Airlines Flight Status tab

Just fill out the details of your flight on the Philippine Airlines Flight Status form. You can know the status of your flight by searching by flight number or by origin or destination. You will see the Philippine Airlines flight status after you click the “Go” button.

If you’re flying via Philippine Airlines, I recommend that you check the Philippine Airlines Flight Status before you go to the airport. This will help reduce inconveniences caused by delayed or cancelled flights.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Philippine Airlines Online Booking: The Step by Step Process

In the previous post, I introduced you to Philippine Airlines online booking. I mentioned that Philippine Airlines online booking is the most convenient way of booking Philippine Airlines flight. Visit that post of mine to know the benefits of using the Philippine Airlines online booking.

If you are already convinced of the advantages of using the Philippine Airlines online booking, then what you need to know next is the step-by-step process in of using it.

Using the Philippine Airlines online booking is very easy. The Philippine Airlines website is user friendly and easy to navigate. Here's the step-by-step process of using the Philippine Airlines online booking:

1. Philippine Airlines Online Booking Form - Go to the Philippine Airlines website. Fill up the Philippine Airlines online booking form found that website.
Philippine Airlines online booking form
Philippine Airlines online booking form.

You can see that my origin is Manila and my destination is Zamboanga. I filled up both the departure and return dates because the flight that I am booking is roundtrip. The promotion code near the bottom of the form is only for people who availed some promos from Philippine Airlines (PAL). Click the “Search” button.

2. Flight Selection Page - Clicking the search button on the Philippine Airlines online booking form will take you to the Flight Selection page. That page allows you to choose the time of flight that you want at the fare that will fit your budget.
Philippine Airlines online booking - flight selection page
The flight selection page.
There are five kinds of fares that you can choose from. The one with the cheapest fare is the Fiesta Deal, followed by Fiesta Saver, Fiesta Plus, Mabuhay Classic and Mabuhay Premium. Each of the fares available has their own benefits, which you can check at the Philippines Airlines website.

Click on the “Next” once you chose the flight schedule and fare that you want.

3. Summary of Flight Itinerary - The next page will show the summary of your flight itinerary. This step allows you to review the details of your flight. Check carefully if your flight is correct to avoid the hassle of correcting after paying for your booking. You can also see the total cost of your booking.

This step also allows you to decide if you want to avail the Travel Insurance offered by Chartis Philippines. Click the “Next” button after you agreed to the terms and conditions written on the page.

4. Personal Details and Payment Options -  The next step is filling up your personal details. The website will ask you to provide your name and contact information. You will also provide your preferred payment mode. The payment options for Philippine Airlines online booking are through credit card or BancNet ATM Card.

After filling up your personal details and your preferred payment option, you can either choose to choose your seat (by clicking on the “Choose Your Seat” button) or go directly to payment (by clicking the “Proceed to Payment” option).

5. Payment - The final step is payment and that step is quite easy because you just have to use your credit card or ATM card.

So, that’s the step by step process in Philippine Airlines online booking. Hope that this helped and may you have a blessed flight.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Online Writing Service for Working Students

Students have to survive the deluge of papers. Students had to contend with position paper, reaction paper, research paper and all other kinds of papers every semester. A deluge of papers is not a problem for students, especially those who are serious in their studies. The problem only comes when a student holds part-time jobs or has extracurricular activities. A deluge of papers can be a “mortal” for those kinds of students.

I remember the days when I am still a college student. I had to face a lot of workload every single day. I always stay at the library to review for upcoming exams for Calculus. I was also tasked to read a lot of books and articles for my Literature and English classes. I also have to deal with the requirement of my major subjects. Then in other subjects, I was expected to make a deluge of papers that had to be submitted on time. On top of that, I had to work as a student assistant so as to support my daily expenses.

It was a hard time. I usually sleep late in the evening just to finish all of those requirements. There are times that my energy is so drained that I can not think of anything to write on my papers. Those are the times when I have what some people call as “Writer’s Block”. It is a terrible situation because I can not create any sentence for my paper no matter how I pound my head. In the end, I had to accept the so-so paper that I made just to have something to submit.

Working students are fortunate these days. There are many people who offer services to ease their workload. There are online services where working students can buy a research paper. These services offer high standard services that are submitted on time.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Philippine Airlines Online Booking

Still booking Philippine Airlines flights the old way, that is you go to a Philippine Airlines ticketing office or a travel agent to obtain your travel itinerary? If your answer is “yes” then that means that technology left you behind. There is an easier way of booking a flight at Philippine Airlines. That way is the Philippine Airlines Online Booking.

Philippine Airlines online booking allows you book flights at the comfort of your home. It also keeps you away from the hassle of long lines that are usually found at travel agencies.

To avail of the Philippine Airlines online booking, all you have to do is to visit the Philippine Airlines website. Available at the website is the form that you can use to book your flight on Philippine Airlines.
Philippine Airlines online booking form
Philippine Airlines online booking form.

Just fill up the fields on the Philippine Airlines online booking form to start the online booking process. Philippine Airlines online booking allows you to choose between a roundtrip flight or a one-way flight. The form also lets you choose your destination and the dates of your flight/s.

Philippine Airlines online booking is a big help to travelers, especially the suki (patrons) of Philippine Airlines. I, for one, always prefer to book my flights online rather than going to travel agents or the accredited ticketing offices.

So, if you are traveling via Philippine Airlines, I highly recommend that you use the Philippine Airlines online booking. It will bring convenience to your travels.

Read the step by step process of the Philippine Airlines online booking. Also read my post on how to avail PAL promo fares.


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Monday, April 16, 2012

New on Chowking Menu: Chef Bowls

Me and my beloved saw new items on Chowking menu when we visited a Chowking branch last month. The new items that we saw on the Chowking menu are the chef bowl meals. We had three items to choose from. Written on Chowking menu are Oriental Beef Bowl, Fish Tausi Bowl and Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl.

I chose the Oriental Beef Bowl while my beloved chose the Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl.

The Oriental Beef Bowl tastes OK. I like the fact that they place a slice of egg in that rice bowl meal. I think that it is a good addition to the Chowking menu.
Chowking Menu - Oriental Beef Bowl

My beloved commented that the Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl is too sweet for her liking. She said that she will not order it the next. She will choose another item on Chowking menu than eat another Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl.
Chowking Menu - Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl

I guess that it is a matter of preference. My beloved does not like sweet dishes that's why she disliked the Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl. Other people, especially those with sweet tooth may like it.

The only Chef Bowl that I haven't tried is the Fish Tausi Bowl. I might try it when I return to Chowking. Even if I haven't eaten that dish, I can still say that the Chef Bowl meals are good addition to the Chowking Menu.

Want to know more about Chowking? Read about my favorite dishes on Chowking Menu for more yummy goodness.


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Images obtained from Chowking website.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Avengers EMH

This month of April, the whole world will see the great fight of EMH (Earth's Mightiest Heroes). They are, I believe, stronger than the X-Men and mightier than DC Comic's Justice League. The EMH I am talking about is the Avengers EMH.

Before I talk about the much anticipated movie, I must say that Avengers EMH is a true television show. Avengers EMH stands for “Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Hero”. Avengers EMH was shown in Disney XD.

The superheroes that composed the Avengers EMH are Thor, Ant-Man, the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man. The original Avengers EMH were later joined by Black Panther, Captain America and Hawkeye.
Superheroes of Avengers EMH
(Source: Wikia)

Please visit the Avengers EMH Wikipedia page for more information. Wikipedia also has a list of Avengers EMH episodes.

The Avengers is now showing in many parts of the world. Here in my country, the Philippines, Avengers fans have to wait until April 25 to see the movie. The superheroes shown in the Avengers EMH cartoons that are present in the Avengers movie are Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Captain America, and the Incredible Hulk. Avengers EMH superheroes that were not included in the Avengers movie are Black Panther and Ant-Man.

Other Marvel superheroes that are present in the Avengers movie includes Nick Fury and Black Widow.

It is few days more before the Avengers movie hit the Philippine cinemas. Let us watch the official Avengers movie trailer while we are waiting: